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Forget About Cleaning. Get a Roborock S8 Robot Vacuum Instead

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra driving over a rug
Sarah Jordan / Review Geek

Give your floors a luxurious, effortless cleaning with a Roborock S8 Series robot vacuum. Their convenient and efficient features will help you save time, while their built-in smart capabilities will give you peace of mind as they do all the work for you. Get the latest in cleaning tech during this limited-time sale.

Roborock: Innovation for Better Living

Since its inception in 2014, Roborock has been committed to researching, developing, and creating robotic cleaning devices to solve common problems and add convenience to daily life. Their innovative robot vacuum designs have earned them awards in Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and TIME Best Inventions, as well as a Top 3 brand ranking in the US online market. The leader in robot vacuums is now releasing their newest line: the S8 Series. This three-part collection includes the Roborock S8, the Roborock S8+, and the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra, providing smart cleaning solutions for modern living.

All three vacuums in the Roborock S8 Series feature upgraded enhancements that achieve an effective, time-saving clean in an elegant design. The new dual-cleaning power of the VibraRise® 2.0 mopping system and DuoRoller Riser™ brush can thoroughly mop and vacuum the floors throughout your home. You can adjust the robot vacuum’s settings to mop-only, vacuum-only, or both in a particular order to suit your specific needs.

The VibraRise® 2.0 can efficiently mop a wider cleaning zone with its improved vibration modules, high-speed scrubbing, and consistent floor pressure. The built-in DuoRoller Riser™ dual rubber brushes make vacuuming just as effortless, picking up dirt and debris with ease and leaving nothing behind. The S8 Series robot vacuums also feature enhanced suction power to capture fine particles and reach deeper into thick carpets and rugs. With the upgraded docking system, the Roborock S8+ and S8 Pro Ultra models can automatically empty dust into the docking station where it’s stored for up to seven weeks, making disposal an infrequent and effortless task.

The vacuums in the Roborock S8 Series will give you peace of mind as they traverse your home and get your carpets, rugs, tile, and hardwood floors sparkling clean. Their intelligent features ensure the robot vacuum functions as efficiently as possible while also giving you full control of its smart settings. The all-new reactive 3D obstacle recognition and avoidance technology can identify objects and the terrain to make smart suggestions on No-Go-Zones so the vacuum can avoid a collision, a fall, or getting stuck in tight spaces. You can further control the robot vacuum’s route with the easy-to-use Roborock app. Whether you want to create a custom cleaning routine, charging schedule, or 3D and multi-level mapping, the app allows you to adjust your preferred vacuum settings.

If you value convenience and really want to forget about cleaning altogether, the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is an ideal all-in-one solution. Its high-tech features can keep your floors effortlessly clean, while its sleek design adds a modern touch to your home decor. When paired with the unique RockDock™ Ultra docking system, the robot vacuum gets fully charged 30% faster and will automatically wash and air-dry its mopping system to prevent odor and mildew growth. It also refills its tank automatically to give you a truly hands-off cleaning experience.

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra robot vacuum features an intuitive design to keep the floors throughout your home cleaner than ever. When the mop-only mode is selected, the vacuum’s brush models automatically lift to avoid scuffing your freshly mopped surface. When in vacuum-only mode, the mopping system also lifts automatically so your floors stay dry without you needing to manually detach the mop yourself. For a limited time, this self-sufficient robot cleaner is available in a combo purchase with the Roborock Dyad Pro wet-dry vacuum. This lightweight, upright model provides edge-to-edge cleaning to tackle wet and dry messes for a fast and smooth result. With this cleaning duo, you’ll never have to worry about grimy floors again.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra docked and charging
Sarah Jordan / Review Geek

Forget About Cleaning With Help From Roborock

Roborock’s newest S8 Series smart vacuums can keep your home elegantly clean in less time. Their innovative features and intelligent capabilities work together to give your floors an effortless polish, so you can spend time on what really matters. If you want to invest in a cleaner home and peace of mind, now is the time to purchase your own S8 Series robot vacuum.

Starting today through April 25, 2023, you can get the Roborock S8 for $599.99 ($150 off), the Roborock S8+ for $799.99 ($150.00 off), or the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra for $1,599.99. You can also save with the S8 Pro Ultra and Dyad Pro combo deal for only $1,749.98 ($300 off). This special combo price is only available for up to 2,000 units, so be sure to get yours while supplies last.