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Google Lets You Virtually Decorate Your Home with IKEA Furniture

The outside of an IKEA store.
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By now, you may know about Google Search’s “View in 3D” tool. It’s a fun augmented reality feature that allows you to see wild animals, objects, and even Pac-Man inside of your home. But the latest addition to Google Search’s “3D View” is a bit more useful—it lets you preview IKEA furniture.

An extensive catalog of IKEA products are now supported by Google Search’s “View in 3D.” You should see this option when searching for specific IKEA products (such as the Billy bookcase), though it also appears when using broad search terms like “IKEA dresser” or “IKEA cart.”

Note that the “View in 3D” button doesn’t always appear at the top of search results, so you may need to scroll down a bit.

In any case, Android and iOS users can now view 3D models of IKEA furniture from Google Search. And if you’re using an Android phone, you’ll see the option to preview these 3D models within your home, which may help you shop for furniture with a bit less guesswork. (Unfortunately, iOS users only get this functionality in the IKEA Place app.)

This feature isn’t perfect. It isn’t a substitute for measuring furniture or visiting an IKEA to see something in person. I found that Google’s 3D models aren’t perfectly color-matched with IKEA furniture, and the 3D view may inaccurately represent furniture size, especially in rooms with poor lighting or messy floors.

If you want to test virtual IKEA furniture in your home, simply do a Google search for an IKEA product (or use broad search terms, like “IKEA dresser”). Note that iOS users can only access this feature through the IKEA Place app.

Source: Googla via 9to5Google

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