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We Want This Leaked LEGO ‘The Little Mermaid’ Set to be Part of Our World

The Little Mermaid logo with a red LEGO brick.
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LEGO recently celebrated Disney’s 100th anniversary with a bunch of collectible blind bags and full-sized sets. But we’re more interested in an upcoming The Little Mermaid set, which was recently leaked on TikTok and Instagram.

Update, 4/24/23: LEGO just opened pre-orders for this set. It ships on May 4th.

This is a massive LEGO set that features all the major undersea characters from The Little Mermaid, including Ariel, King Trident, Ursula, Karina, and Indira. The bulk of the set is a giant clam, which houses several settings from The Little Mermaid movie, such as Trident’s throne and Ursula’s lair.

There are also small models for Flounder and Sebastian, of course. And several smaller fish are attached to the giant clam using translucent rods (which gives the appearance that these fish are floating). I should also note that the mermaids in this set appear to be taller than regular minifigs (they use the standard LEGO bodies, but with tall fins instead of the usual LEGO legs).

And, of course, Prince Eric is missing from this particular set. My assumption is that LEGO will release more than one Little Mermaid set, but again, I’m just making an assumption. We also don’t know any details for this set, but it’s big, so it probably costs $150 or more.

Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid arrives in theaters on May 26th. LEGO will probably launch this set (and any other Little Mermaid sets, if they exist) around that time. My guess is that this set will go on sale June 1st, but I’m making a guess based on previous releases, so don’t take my word for it.

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