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Tile’s New Cat Tracker Has Enough Battery Life for All Nine Lives

It's intended for both indoor and outdoor cats.

A Cat wearing the Tile for Cats tracker on its collar.

Outdoor cats have a habit of disappearing, and indoor cats like to hide in weird places just to freak you out. The simplest solution may be one of Tile’s new cat trackers. This collar attachment gives you peace of mind when your cat is hiding, and it may help you find a lost cat.

The Tile for Cats tracker is basically a Tile Sticker in a small plastic mount. It attaches to any 0.37-inch to 0.75-inch wide cat collar (including breakaway collars) and promises a three-year battery life (once the non-replaceable battery dies, you can buy a Tile Sticker and shove it in the mount). Notably, this tracker is water resistant, so it should endure an outdoor cat’s antics.

Now, to be clear, Tile for Cats only has a 250-foot Bluetooth range. If your cat exits this range, its location may still appear in the Tile app, but only if it’s near another Tile user. This isn’t a GPS tracker, but it’s still a good low-cost option for tracking your cat.

I should also note that Tile for Cats is somewhat bulky. If your feline friend isn’t used to wearing collars or other accessories, Tile for Cats may be uncomfortable (although you can slowly acclimate a cat to this kind of stuff with treats and other motivators). The tracker may be too big for small cats or kittens, though.

And, to reiterate, this tracker is just a Tile Sticker in piece of plastic that attaches to your cat’s collar. You can buy third-part collar mounts for Tile trackers (though many are too big for cats), and there are plenty of pet collar attachments for Apple’s AirTags, too.

Tile for Cats costs $40 and works with iOS and Android. You can use Tile’s services for free, though a Tile Premium subscription unlocks unlimited sharing with friends or family, 30-day location history, and free reimbursement if your Tile tracker is lost and cannot be found.

Tile for Cats

Track your indoor or outdoor cat's location with the Tile for Cats collar attachment. It promises a three-year battery life, it's water resistant, and it can attach to most cat collars.

Source: Tile

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