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Google Rolls Out Passkey Support, Signaling Major Shift in Online Security

Google's animation of a passkey

The world’s biggest tech giant, Google, is launching passkey support for all accounts. The Silicon Valley behemoth is one of the primary partners of the FIDO Alliance, which developed the technology. Passkeys are a replacement for passwords that you don’t need to remember to log into your accounts.

When you create a passkey with Google, instead of entering your password when you want to log in, you can simply use biometrics like a FaceID or fingerprint scan. The benefits of passkeys include increased security for your online accounts because Passkeys are essentially unbreakable due to their public-key encryption technology.

Beyond increased security, Google’s adoption of Passkeys is a significant milestone in the history of technology because it signals what may be the beginning of the end for passwords as our primary authentication method. Google’s reach and market share mean that hundreds of millions of people will potentially adopt the technology soon, which will lead to other companies embracing the new login method.

However, for now, passkeys will live alongside passwords as just one of the ways to log into your Google account. And the technology is only available to personal accounts and not those provided by employers or schools. To create a passkey for your Google account, simply sign in to your account dashboard and select the “security” tab to find the option to make a passkey. Or you can visit g.co/passkeys to go there directly.

Source: Google

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