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LEGO Brings DREAMZzz to Life with New Toys and TV Show

The new toy line is already steeped in lore.

Poster of LEGO DREAMZzz and its main characters.

Some of LEGO’s greatest success stories, including Bionicle and Ninjago, are wrapped up in deep narrative stories. Now it seems that LEGO is dipping back into a story-driven world with its new DREAMZzz line—a collection of buildable action figures that will debut in a TV show on May 15th.

DREAMZzz is plainly targeted at children, though adult LEGO fans are excited by the prospect of a new story-driven toy line. The idea is pretty simple; dreamlike toys that combine real-world elements to make something fantastical (such as a roller skating bunny or rocket ship school bus).

And, notably, DREAMZzz utilizes traditional LEGO pieces (plus some unique pieces) and comes with traditional minifigs. This ensures that children can use their LEGO and DREAMZzz toys together, and it’s something that should appeal to adult LEGO fans who often complain about incompatible LEGO products.

As for the actual narrative, DREAMZzz focuses on five friends who enter the dream world and construct objects based on their imagination. It’s a very kid-friendly concept, and you can watch a quick trailer of the upcoming DREAMZzz TV show on the LEGO YouTube channel.

LEGO’s marketing strategy feels very traditional here, as the DREAMZzz TV show will debut before the actual toy line comes out. It seems that DREAMZzz products will come with little booklets that show off the DREAMZzz lineup and explain some story elements—this may familiarize kids with the brand and encourage them to beg for additional DREAMZzz toys.

You can watch the first episode of DREAMZzz on Netflix, Amazon, or the LEGO YouTube channel starting May 15th. A collection of 10 different DREAMZzz sets will go on sale August 1st. Pricing is unknown, but from what I can tell, these toys come in all different sizes, so they will probably hit a variety of price points.

Source: LEGO

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