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Your Tesla Will Finally Learn to Drive for Real

Artificial intelligence will do everything.

Steering wheel and controls inside of a Tesla Model 3
Justin Duino / Review Geek

We’ve seen countless small over-the-air updates to Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta since testing started in 2020, but it’s still not officially available. Now, the CEO says Tesla is shifting gears on how it works and will update its FSD package with end-to-end AI with the release of version 12.

Wait. What is “end-to-end AI,” and what is Elon saying? That comment is confusing at first, but it sounds like the company is changing plans and wants Tesla vehicles to learn to drive, for reals.

For those unaware, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to see the world around it and gather environmental data. But when it comes to steering, braking, or acceleration, that’s not AI, at least not yet. Instead, Tesla relies on regular programming by humans to make the vehicle move.

However, in a Twitter thread about Tesla’s FSD beta v11.4, Elon Musk commented that when the FSD beta v12 is released, it’ll have end-to-end AI. Previously, Elon Musk said Tesla wouldn’t need AI for driving and decision-making, but now it’s reversing course.

It’s hard to know exactly what CEO Elon Musk has in mind, but it sounds like v12 will use AI for every aspect of self-driving. AI will see the environment and road hazards and make decisions about driving instead of following pre-programmed systems.

In the future, your Tesla’s array of cameras will gather information, and AI will detect all of that, process it, then make decisions about how the vehicle reacts. As a reminder, Elon Musk promised that “full self-driving is coming this year” back in 2022, which obviously never happened. However, if the company can use AI on both ends of the system, it could finally make enough improvement to get released. We’ll have to wait and see.

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