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Netgear’s Unlocked M6 Pro 5G Mobile Hotspot Hits the US

And it works with any carrier.

Netgear's new M6 Pro 5G mobile hotspot.

Building on the success of its unlocked M6 5G mobile hotspot released late last year, Netgear’s latest mobile router is faster and better than ever. Announced earlier this year and finally headed to the US, Netgear’s Nighthawk M6 Pro 5G (MR6550) delivers speeds up to 8Gbps, Wi-Fi 6E, and a range of 2,000 square ft.

This powerful mobile device delivers ultra-fast internet speeds perfect for remote business sites, daily commutes, and everything in between. Like the previous generation, the upgraded Nighthawk M6 Pro packs a serious punch, as it should for the $999 asking price.

The device has a small 2.8-inch touchscreen perfect for managing connected devices, not to mention a Gigabit Ethernet and USB-C port on the rear. Netgear also offers an optional (sold separately) external 5G antenna to increase reception.

However, the most significant difference from previous models is the support of 5G mmWave, which enables blazing-fast internet speeds of up to 8 Gbps with supported carriers. This enables multi-gig download and upload speeds, even when connected to multiple devices. And yes, like the regular M6, it can simultaneously support up to 32 device connections.

Depending on your workflow, sometimes you’ll have a stable internet connection, which is why it also supports Wi-Fi 6E and turns into a capable router for any location. There’s also a built-in firewall, letting users connect to fast internet speeds without worry.

Inside, a large 5,040 mAh internal battery will last around 13 hours on a single charge. Then, use the USB-C port for fast charging. And finally, when you’re at home or a vacation spot, you can remove the battery, use a wall plug, and activate the “In-Home Performance Mode,” which boosts the router’s range to cover a 2,000 sq ft home.

The new Nighthawk M6 Pro 5G is available today in the United States for $999 from the Netgear website. As a reminder, it’s fully unlocked and works with any carrier, but it does not come with a 5G plan or sim card. You’ll need to get those yourself.

Netgear M6 Pro 5G Mobile Hotspot

The unlocked Nighthawk M6 Pro 5G mobile hotspot router provides speeds up to 8Gbps, along with Wi-Fi 6e covering a 2,000 sq. ft home in select modes.

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