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Eve Launches Its Second-Gen Portable Smart Lamp

Colorful, customizable lighting on the go!

Eve Flare second-gen smart lamp sitting near a lake.

One of Eve’s most overlooked products, the portable Flare smart lamp, is getting a small upgrade. The second-gen Eve Flare features Thread compatibility to increase its responsiveness over HomeKit. Additionally, Eve is launching a smart Shutter Switch in select European countries.

The battery-powered Eve Flare can display a variety of colors at different brightness levels. And notably, it works outside—an IP65 dust and water-resistance rating protects this lamp from the elements, and it can be controlled over Bluetooth when you don’t have an internet connection. With the second-gen model, Eve Flare now supports Thread for faster and more reliable smart home control.

Eve’s new smart Shutter Switch is super cool, but it’s only available in Austria, Benelux, and Germany. Basically, it adds smart functionality to “dumb” electric blinds. The Shutter Switch stores automations for your electric blinds, and it can use Adaptive Shading to automatically adjust the position of your blinds based on the sun’s location (which is extrapolated from your habits, the switch’s position, and the time of day).

To be clear, this Shutter Switch is not an add-on for Eve’s MotionBlinds. It’s a smart accessory for electric blinds that are controlled via a hardware switch. So, it requires some electrical wiring—you may want to talk to an electrician, assuming that the Shutter Switch is even available in your area.

Both of these products are available today. And while they do not launch with Matter support, Eve promises a Matter update in the near future.

Eve Flare Second-Gen Portable Smart Lamp

The new Eve Flare adds Thread for more responsive HomeKit commands. It works both indoors and outdoors and offers Bluetooth functionality for use without an internet connection.

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