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This LEGO ‘Pac-Man’ Arcade Set Looks Astonishingly Realistic

Someone turning the hand crank on the LEGO Pac-Man set.

As if its Atari 2600 and NES sets weren’t impressive enough, LEGO is back into retro gaming with the new Pac-Man Arcade. Launching on June 4th, this set mimics the functionality of an arcade machine using a hand crank and a series of gears.

It’s an impressive showpiece, to say the least. LEGO’s Pac-Man Arcade contains 2,651 pieces and measures 13 inches tall. It has a “screen,” a joystick, a high-score counter, a light-up coin slot, and a marquee, just like a real arcade machine. But the most notable part of this build is its hand crank.

Turning the crank on the side of LEGO’s Pac-Man Arcade causes all of the “onscreen” content to move, similar to how they would move in a real game of Pac-Man. Additionally, the characters at the top of the marquee spin around when you turn this crank.

You can even open the back of this “machine” to see all of its gears and posts. It’s a lot less cluttered than the inside of a real arcade machine, of course, and this hidden area has enough storage space to hold a few minifigs. That said, LEGO Pac-Man Arcade comes with just one minifig. But she can play with a tiny version of the Pac-Man cabinet, which is included with this set.

Again, the LEGO Pac-Man Arcade launches June 4th. It costs $270, which is actually less than I was expecting. If you join LEGO’s free VIP program, you can buy the set three days early.

LEGO Icons Pac-Man Arcade

Launching June 4th, the LEGO Icons Pac-Man Arcade set uses a hand-crank and a series of gears to recreate the motions of the real game. It even has a spinning marquee!

Source: LEGO

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