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Logitech’s New Laptop Dock Caters to the Latest Office Trend

Logitech Dock Flex at an office desk.

Two years ago, the Logitech Dock combined a Zoom-capable speakerphone with a USB hub. But the new Logitech Dock Flex takes things a step further. It’s an all-in-one meeting and management tool (with an integrated USB-C docking station) for hybrid work environments.

Most people will never use the Logitech Dock Flex. Still, it’s an interesting appeal to one of the biggest post-pandemic office trends—shared desks or “hot desking.” Employees who spend most of their time working at home do not need a dedicated space at the office. So, on days when they commute, they book a desk that’s equipped with a computer monitor, docking station, and other desktop peripherals.

Logitech Dock Flex uses an integrated display to enhance the “hot desking” experience. It receives booking information through Microsoft Teams, Zoom Workspace Reservation, and Logitech’s own desk booking software. Before an employee arrives at the desk, the display says that it’s reserved. Then, when the employee shows up, Logitech Dock Flex shows calendar invitations and can help workers quickly launch into meetings.

Employees can also create custom backgrounds and away messages for the Logitech Dock Flex. This customization is employee-specific, so it’ll only show up when you’ve booked a desk. Of course, Dock Flex also collects some data for employers, including desk utilization and occupancy rates, which may help optimize hybrid work environments.

As a USB-C hub, the Logitech Dock Flex is alright. Its front side contains two USB-C ports and one USB-A port. The rear of this dock has two more USB-A ports, a USB-C port with 100-watt passthrough charging (for your laptop connection), and Gigabit Ethernet. Video output supports two 4K monitors via HDMI and DisplayPort. This is not a Thunderbolt hub, unfortunately.

Logitech Dock Flex launches sometime this fall for $700. Again, most people will never use this device, as it’s intended for hybrid office environments. If you want a desktop docking station at home, there are plenty of cheaper (and more powerful) options.

Source: Logitech

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