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Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Have Formed the Perfect Streaming Trifecta

Netflix doesn’t seem to have any good movies anymore. That’s not just the vague impression you get scrolling through your feed, anymore. According to a recent report from Hub Entertainment Research, viewers aren’t looking to Netflix for movies. Those have their place at Amazon, while network shows live on Hulu. That’s the balance of the new streaming world.

When Netflix first came on the scene, it seemed like the mythical one-stop shop for everything you’d ever want to watch. With the company’s push into original content, that promise is looking less and less real. However, the original content that Netflix does put out is still a strong pull. According to Hub, people spend more time on Netflix watching original series than anything else.

This focus on original series hasn’t been without sacrifice. Over the past couple years, Hulu has succeeded in pulling tons of existing, non-Netflix shows away from the service, including shows from Time Warner and 20th Century Fox. Hub’s research reflects this, with more than half of viewers watch time on Hulu spent on other, non-original TV shows.

So where have all the movies gone? Amazon seems the likely suspect. Amazon Prime users can already stream a decent number of movies as part of their subscription, but if that’s not quite enough you can always rent films for a few bucks a pop. That’s not quite as satisfying as getting every movie you’ve ever wanted for a monthly fee, but in practice it’s enough to keep you entertained. Especially if you already got Amazon Prime for the cheap shipping.

Hub’s research only shows how people are using each service, not how objectively good each service is so it’s still going to be up to you to determine how much each subscription is worth. However, it paints a much different picture than what we’re used to. In the past, we viewed Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon as competing for the same, all-you-can-eat buffet of all content. Now, each one has honed itself down to a specialty. Put together, all three subscriptions are still only about $30/month (or you can save money by rotating your subscriptions) which isn’t a bad deal to have access to almost anything you could want to watch.

Source: Hub Entertainment Research via Quartz

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