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9 Awesome Mother’s Day Tech Gifts

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Keen to buy your beloved mom a great gadget for Mother’s Day? We’ve rounded up the best tech gifts for her so she’ll be delighted with whatever you buy her.

We’ll be the first to say, it was pretty tough to narrow things down to a manageable number for this list. ReviewGeek has thousands of gift ideas across multiple reviews and product roundups—and it was tough to pick just our favorites. If you don’t see something that feels like a perfect fit in the list below,  don’t be afraid to hit the search box above with some keywords related to your mom’s interests. However, if you’ve got no clue what to buy her, this selection of gift ideas will form a great starting place. You can be confident that we’ve only picked out the best tech for the best Mmm.

Read on to find out more about what gadgets to buy your mom this Mother’s Day.

Google Home Hub ($149)

Picture of a Pomeranian dog on a Google Home Hub
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We’re huge fans of the Google Home Hub at ReviewGeek, such big fans even we already recommended it as our top Mother’s Day gift. If you’re not already acquainted, think of it as like the best digital photo frame you could ask for. It’s so much more than that though. Besides being able to browse all your photos on the Hub, you can use it to control thousands of devices from lights to cameras to TVs or thermostats, all through its voice control system.

There’s also the matter of being able to easily play songs and videos from YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio. Oh, and you can ask Google for answers to questions, recipe suggestions, or simply reminders of what you’ve got planned for the day. Sounds pretty magical, right? Buy one for your tech-loving mom. She’ll love you even more for it.

Nintendo Switch ($299)

Nintendo Switch

One of the best things about the Nintendo Switch is that it’s an awesome console whether you’re a diehard gamer or a casual fan of Mario and Zelda. There’s something for everyone here from the epic wonders of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the sheer sense of fun and chaos that Mario Kart 8 can bring to the whole family. Plus, there’s the addictive daily allure of games like Stardew Valley enticing you into spending way too much free time tending to your crops and virtual farm.

If your mom used to play Nintendo games with you as a child, she’s going to love this reminder of those happy days. If she’s never played a console before, she’s going to love a souped-up version of her smartphone that can open her up to a world of games she’d never even considered before. Plus, seriously, a family session of Mario Kart 8 is ridiculously good fun.

If your budget can stretch further, consider buying her a few accessories or games too.

Amazon Echo ($99)

Amazon Echo

If you know your mom won’t be interested in the visual aspect of the Google Home Hub, but she’d love a smart speaker, you need to buy the Amazon Echo. It gives her all the benefits of a smart speaker without worrying about the touch screen interface and extra bonuses that Google provides.

Through the Amazon Echo, she can still ask Alexa to play her favorite music, check the weather, make lists, or control smart home devices. It’s particularly great if she has an Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription as that all syncs up nicely. Plus, the speaker component of the Amazon Echo is pretty good too so she’ll be happy with the sound quality.

Anova Precision Cooker ($99)

Anova Precision Cooker

If your mom loves to cook as much as she loves gadgets then she’s going to adore the Anova Precision Cooker. It’s a completely different way of cooking then she’s probably used to. Simply place your food in a sealed bag then place it in a container of water before using the Anova to heat it up for the appropriate length of time. It typically means a juicy piece of meat or perfectly cooked vegetables.

The Anova Precision Cooker is our favorite Sous Vide device out there, but also consider the ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide. It’s more expensive but it does have some additional benefits.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air Earphones ($80)

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air Earphones

Whether your mom loves walking or running, she needs a good pair of earphones for listening to music or podcasts. We were super impressed by the quality of the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air earphones earlier this year. Essentially, they’re AirPods on a budget. Their audio quality is easily on a par with Apple’s earphones and they do a great job with noise isolation.

They’re available in black or white so pick out whatever color she loves most, and feel good about yourself when she’s delighted at the superior audio quality.

Kindle Paperwhite ($150)

Kindle Paperwhite

Everyone loves to read, right? While you can’t beat the smell and tactile quality of a paper-based book, you also can’t beat the convenience of an ebook reader. Buy your mom a Kindle Paperwhite to introduce her to the world of ebooks (or as an upgrade to an older Kindle). Its screen offers a high resolution which means crisper lines when reading, while its battery life is a hefty 6 weeks. There’s a built-in light too that means eyestrain is a thing of the past.

It’s even waterproof so she can read it in the tub or by the pool. She’ll be more than happy with this ‘new’ way of reading her favorite novels.

Apple Watch Series 4 ($360)

Apple Watch Series 4

If your budget for Mother’s Day is a little higher than most, and your mom is fairly active, then an Apple Watch is a great idea. After years of Apple’s device nearly being great but not quite, they’ve mastered things at last. This wearable has a larger and more elegant looking screen that still looks good on a woman’s slim wrist.

As well as that, it’s fast and offers plenty of benefits for iOS owners. That includes playing back your music via the Watch, built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, and some impressive health features. For instance, there’s an ECG feature detecting any irregular rhythms within your heart, as well as fall detection for if your mom falls suddenly and doesn’t get back up.

Really though? It’s a classy and smart looking watch that your mom will adore. It looks great for every occasion from walking the dog to an evening of fine dining.

Gardening Gadgets

Gardening Gadgets

For when your mom loves to garden and make her home look beautiful through the medium of plants, we’ve previously covered a wide range of gardening goods. Check out our full piece to find out more about what might be good for your mom and your budget.

Digital Photo Frame ($50-$150)

Digital Photo Frame

Would your mom love a digital photo frame but isn’t a fan of smart home stuff and not super comfortable with the idea of putting a Home Hub in her house? While we can’t recommend the Home Hub enough to people, if your mom isn’t particularly skilled with technology or would prefer offline solutions, then the Google Home Hub is out of the question.

Instead, buy her a digital photo frame. We’ve covered them extensively in the past and you can pick up numerous different frames that all work by simply placing an SD card or similar in the frame and leaving it to do its thing. If your mom isn’t the most knowledgeable when it comes to tech, this is a good way of ensuring she still gets to see a steady stream of images of the grandchildren. Some even allow you to email new photos straight to the device.

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