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The Best Nintendo Switch Cases


Nintendo Switch Lite is Nintendo's recent entry into handheld gaming

The Nintendo Switch is a great console for taking out and about with you (or simply from room to room), but it’s also quite vulnerable. It’s thin, lightweight, and has a great screen that’s also easily prone to damage. We’ve looked at the best Nintendo Switch cases for keeping your beloved console safe from harm.

Each of these cases will protect your Nintendo Switch in a multitude of ways, from covering the screen to keeping the exterior of the device safe from scratches and bumps. There’s also typically room for a couple of accessories as well as a few game carts so you can simply pick up the case and go.

Let’s take a look at the best picks.

Update, 11/20/21: Updated picks for Best Messenger and Best Novelty cases.

What to Look for in a Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

Although carrying cases for these consoles are pretty simple and straightforward, there are still a few features and elements worth pondering before choosing one for yourself:

  • Size: Do you want a bulkier case with a little extra padding or a super slim molded case that’s barely bigger than the console itself? Slimmer cases are easy to fit in bags, drawers, shelves, and so on but might not offer as much protection as larger or more padded cases.
  • Accessory Storage: Some cases offer just enough room for your Switch, while others offer additional room for things like the dock and adapter, controllers, cables, games, and more. But again, bigger cases might be a little more annoying to lug around or store.
  • Material Design: You’ll want to choose a case that’s super durable not just on the interior but on the exterior as well. Cases made of plastic and other hard materials will easily stand up to drops, scratches, spills, and more, but often lack an aesthetic appeal. Fabric cases, on the other hand, look stylish and modern but might not always resist scratches or a spilled drink; they might also pill up over time or look dirty and they aren’t designed to be thrown in your washing machine.
  • Straps: A few cases come with a strap for easier carrying, either for your wrist or over your shoulder like a messenger bag. These straps are often convenient, but can easily catch on something, which could be potentially annoying.

Best Padded Slim Case: Tomtoc Ultra Slim Carrying Case

Tomtoc Switch Carrying Case

The Tomtoc Ultra Slim Carrying Case looks like your typical slim case (albeit a bit more stylish), but the interior hides a superior layer of protection than you’ll find in most slim cases. Under the molded shell is a layer of impact foam that buffers your Switch from taking a hard hit if you drop it.

Despite the extra padding, it’s also a very slim and lightweight case that’s easy to toss into your bag or carry around via the hand strap. It’s splash-proof, too, and has a heavy-duty zipper so there are no weaknesses in the design.

Unfortunately, there’s no room for extra accessories such as the Switch dock, but there is a compartment for storing 10 game cartridges so you can take much of your game collection with you when you travel.

Best Padded Slim Case

Tomtoc Ultra Slim Carrying Case

Keep things slim while safely and securely storing your precious Nintendo Switch on the go.

Best For Carrying Everything: Zadii Hard Carrying Case

Zadii Hard Carrying Case

For those times when you want to carry everything to do with your Nintendo Switch all at once, there’s the Zadii Hard Carrying Case. It’s a chunky attache style case that has enough room for the console, dock, power adaptor, joy-con grips, joy-con straps, HDMI cable, a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, and 21 game cards too. That should be enough for most users, right?

The case is comprised of high-quality pre-cut foam inserts that ensure each part of your Switch is kept safe and secure when in motion. The case itself is of the hard shell variety so you’re safe from drop damage.

A shoulder strap and non-slip handle complete the well-thought-out design so you can carry your durable case (with your Switch safe inside) in comfort.

Best for Carrying Everything

Zadii Hard Carrying Case

Store your console, dock, controllers, adapters, games, and more all in one place with this hefty case.

Best Messenger Bag: PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag

The messenger bag case opened up so you can see the compartments for all accessories

A messenger bag almost always looks pretty stylish and that’s the case with the PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag. Adorned with the Nintendo Switch logo, it still blends in nicely with all other baggage because of its gray and sleek exterior.

Inside is a well-designed set of compartments with enough room to store your console, numerous accessories (including the dock and power cables), and game cards too. Basically, you’re unlikely to run out of room here with the compartments also offering velcro walls, much like you’ll find in premium camera bags, so you can reconfigure them according to your needs.

To round things off neatly, there’s also a removable portable case for your Switch so you can easily take it out of the bag while still protecting it via this smaller case. Clever, huh?

Best Messenger Bag

PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag

This stylish Switch case looks like a messenger bag and has room for accessories, too.

Best Lightweight Case: Orzly Carry Case

Orzly Carry Case

More than a few of us here at Review Geek own the Orzly Carry Case on account of what a great value it is. It’s super lightweight and offers a solid amount of protection at a reasonable price. It’s not as spacious as some of our other picks but it offers room for the console, cables, games, and even extra Joy-Cons. There’s no room for larger accessories like the pro controller or a dock, but it should be more than ample for many people’s needs.

A hard EVA shell keeps everything protected in a fall or bump while a soft inner material protects the Switch from scratches. The elastic straps are great for those times you open the case upside down or at an odd angle—no worries about it tumbled out unexpectedly. You can even slot the Switch into the lower compartment of the case and play it from there if you need a little extra protection or a flat surface to game from.

A hand strap means you can carry it around easily enough, kind of like a mini briefcase. It’s ideal for a variety of different situations.

Best Lightweight Case

Orzly Carry Case

This lightweight case does a good job protecting your Switch without weighing you down.

Best Novelty Case: Funlab Travel Carrying Case

Funlab Travel Carrying Case

Particularly ideal for kids and kids at heart, the Funlab Travel Carrying Case looks like Mario if Mario was a little squashed and, well, headless. Ok, so the case is designed to look like Mario’s clothing rather than anything else, and it’s a good case at that.

Inside is room to put all things Switch from the console, dock, power cables, joy-con grips, straps, HDMI cable, and 14 game cards. Pre-cut foam protects it all so there’s a compartment for every occasion with a hard shell exterior ensuring it’s safe in a fall or knock, too.

Novelty design aside, it’s a solid little case. Everything is organized well, and you’re unlikely to easily damage anything that’s contained within. Elastic bands also help keep things neat along with mesh pouches. A shoulder strap and denim fabric handle make this an easy case to carry around too.

Best Novelty Case

FUNLAB Travel Carrying Case

Storage cases don't have to be boring, and with this fun Mario-themed option, you'll be the coolest kid on the block.

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