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Google Home Won’t Mix Up Your Family’s Netflix Profiles Anymore

You can use Google Assistant to play movies and TV shows from Netflix on your Chromecast. That’s neat if you’re the only one using your Netflix account, but as soon as you add multiple profiles it becomes a mess. Until now. A new Google Assistant update lets Google Home devices recognize your voice and match it to your Netflix profile.

Shared Assistant devices like the Google Home can be used by more than one person, which makes keeping data separate a nuisance. Google gets around this problem by recognizing your voice and only serving you data for your account. If you say “What’s on my calendar?” you’ll get your events. If your partner asks the same thing, they’ll get their events instead. It’s a handy system.

That only works for Google accounts unless third-party companies decide to add support for voice match to their apps. Netflix has now joined that club. Go into the Google Home app and connect your Netflix profile to your Google account (you can read more detailed instructions here). Then, any time you ask for movies or TV shows, Google will recognize your voice and use your profile. Now you won’t get a ton of My Little Pony recommendations after the kids spend three hours watching it.

Source: Google via Android Police

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