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Google Will Mercifully Let You Mute Ads For Things You Already Bought

A Google Fiber ad served to a Google Fiber customer via a Google Fiber connection.

“Reminder ads” are a special type of annoying targeted ad that try to remind you of a product you were shopping for or interested in. You search for a product once and see ads selling it to you for a month. This is particularly obnoxious when you already bought the product you’re seeing ads for. Now, Google will let you mute these ads.

Over the next few months, Google is going to give you the ability to mute ads that appear across YouTube, Search, and Gmail so you don’t keep seeing the same ad for a product you searched for once. Or, worse, a product you already bought. The easiest option will be to click the X icon on an ad itself and specify why you don’t want to see it. You can already do this to say an ad isn’t relevant, but this will be the first time you can specify that you don’t want to see a reminder ad anymore.

You’ll also soon be able to see all of your reminder ads in one place at your Ads Settings page. Sign into your Google account and hit that page, where you’ll be able to see all of the advertisers who have open reminder ads for you and remove the ones you don’t want to see. This feature is currently rolling out for ads you see across Google’s partner websites, so if you don’t see it now, check back later.

Obviously, this will only help in regards to ads that Google itself serves. Fortunately, that’s a lot of the ads on the internet, but you may still see reminder ads across other networks or websites.

Source: Google

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