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7 Great Gifts for Beer Lovers

A row of filled beer glasses sitting under a draft tap.

“I love beer” isn’t the stigmatized statement it used to be. With tons of high-quality beers available even in the most remote markets, being a beer snob (in the most positive sense) is A-OK. Here are some gift ideas for the beer lover in your life.

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For Just the Right Pour: Libbey Craft Brews Assorted Beer Glasses

A variety of beer glasses will prepare your recipient for properly pouring any brew.

One of the first things you learn about the different varieties of beer is that they’re best served in carefully-chosen glasses, bringing out the flavor and color of each brew. This starter set will give you one of each glass made specifically for the broader varieties of lager, porter, Belgian ale, hefeweizen, and two all-purpose pub glasses. Buy multiple kits if your gift recipient is often entertaining other beer lovers.

For Showing Off Their Collection: Bottlecap Displays

U.S. state-shaped bottle cap holders.
Skyline Workshop

If your recipient likes beer so much that it’s a part of their home decor, then a bottle cap display might be the perfect addition. These wooden state cutouts are ideal for beer lovers who specialize in local microbrews, but more general displays can also be found in album or basket form. The more they drink, the faster they’ll decorate.

For Dependable Pop-Topping: “Bar Key” Bottle Openers

A man opening a beer bottle.

There must be a million different kinds of bottle openers out there, but for our money, nothing beats the classic bar key. These stainless steel openers are big and easy to grip, so the user won’t cramp up if they’re serving bottles by the dozen, and the loop at the end makes them easy to find on nails or pegs. But if you lose one, don’t worry: they’re also cheap enough to buy in bulk and spread around the house.

For the Perfect Serving Temperature: Whynter Beverage Fridge

A mini fridge with a transparent door filled with cans.

Many craft beers and microbrews come with serving suggestions for temperature. Changing up your whole fridge for a single glass of beer isn’t very practical, but this handy beverage refrigerator comes with manual temperature control from the high 30 degrees Fahrenheit to the mid-60s, which should cover most beers. As a bonus, its clear door lets you show off what you’re currently chilling. The removable shelves allow the user to accommodate different sizes of bottles and cans.

For Dropping Some Beer Knowledge: Unlabeled Board Game

A group of people play a beer-based board game.

If your gift recipient fancies themselves an expert on every possible type of beer, then get them this board game to prove it—or knock them down a peg. Get a party going and tell each guest to bring a bottle of unlabeled beer, then take turns seeing who can guess the style or even the precise label. Naturally, it’s the kind of game that gets more entertaining the longer you decide to keep playing it.

For Sharing the Love: EdgeStar KC2000 Kegerator

An open Kegfrigerator on a white background.

Nothing beats the taste of a beer right from the tap. For those who won’t accept anything less, a kegerator (combination keg cooler and bar-style tap for pouring) is a great investment in a home bar, patio, or deck. This model is relatively inexpensive and can handle a full-sized keg from your local distributor or wholesale vendor. The CO2 tank for the tap can be mounted internally or externally.

EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler

A great place to keep that keg for your next kegger.

For Those Curious About Homebrew: Northern Brewer Craft Beer Making Kit

A beer home brew kit on a white background.
Northern Brewer

The ultimate expression of beer appreciation is making your own, and it’s surprisingly easy. Previously the “Mr. Beer” line was the go-to pick for an introductory course in the craft of homebrewing, but Northern Brewer has beaten out this mainstay with a simpler, cheaper kit design that has the same high-quality results. You can even choose which type of beer you’d like to start with: variations of the kit come with the ingredients to brew your own wheat, brown ale, Irish red, IPA, double IPA, or pumpkin ale. Select which one you’d like on the Amazon page, and keep the instructions and tools to make variations for a truly customized drinking experience.

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