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Would You Let Walmart Put Food Directly Into Your Fridge?

Walmart InHome

Walmart announced a new service this morning called “InHome” that will allow orders to be placed online and delivered directly to your fridge. Not your doorstep—an employee will come into your house and put your groceries away for you. Yeah.

So here’s the thing, the knee-jerk reaction in, well, nearly everyone is “What? No!”—myself included. But after thinking about this a bit more, I think there’s a use-case for a service like this, even if it’s incredibly niche.

I think the biggest argument in favor of this type of service is for the handicapped. It’s hard for immobile people to do things like this for themselves, so a service that can help simplify any small part of their life is worth exploring at the very least. Sure, those people also have caretakers that can do this kind of thing for them, but even marginally lightening the load of those caretakers would be helpful.

There’s also the case of immunocompromised people—chemotherapy patients, transplant recipients, and the like. These folks can’t be around large groups of people (especially early on during treatment when the immune system is at its weakest), so this type of service could also benefit them. There’s the argument that a simple deliver-to-your-door grocery service would suffice, which is also true. But oftentimes people dealing with a weakened immune system are also ill or may not have the strength to physically pick up grocery bags and carry them into another room.

But yeah, for most people, this is probably a bad idea. Walmart says that employees will have to be with the company for “at least a year” before they’ll let them step through your door, but even then I’m skeptical. If you’re into at least trying it out, the service launches later this year in Kansas City, MO; Pittsburgh, PA; and Vero Beach, FL.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this—would you let Walmart (or any company, for that matter) into your home to put groceries away for you?

 [Walmart via Engadget]

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