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I’m So Ready for Spielberg’s After Dark Horror Series

Steven Spielberg
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Steven Spielberg, while not the biggest fan of allowing streaming content to be eligible for Oscars and other awards, is crafting a brilliant streaming-only horror series for upcoming network Quibi. And I can’t wait.

While streaming horror flicks are nothing new—there’s even an entire platform dedicated to the genre—Spielberg’s take for his upcoming spooky series is pretty original. First of all, it’s only going to be available on phones. Secondly, you’ll only be able to watch it after dark. Legit.

As for the “only on phones” thing—that’s more about the network that this new, still unnamed show will stream on. It’s for a network called “Quibi,” which is short for “Quick Bites” (ugh). If you haven’t heard of the network, you’re not alone—it’s still very much a new thing and hasn’t officially even launched yet. The idea is simple: bite-sized shows that are only between 7-10 minutes long. It should be available starting in April 2020 for $4.99 a month with ads and $7.99 without.

Getting Spielberg’s name attached to the network right out of the gate isn’t a bad look for the little company (the also have Sam Raimi and Guillermo del Toro onboard!), but what’s more interesting is that they were able to oblige an unusual request. Spielberg wants the new show to only be available at night, so viewers have to watch it in the dark. While there are no other details—like, you know, plot—that’s enough to pique the interest of many, myself included.

Quibi developers were able to make it happen by leveraging phones’ geolocation and clock to only display the show between dusk and dawn. Ol’ Stevey boy wants to make sure you’re not skirting the system and watching his flick when the sun is out. (Who does that, anyway? Horror flicks during the day? Scoff!)

But yeah, this is super cool. And while I’d generally be skeptical of a seemingly gimmicky idea like Quibi, Spielberg’s show, along with anything Mr. Sam Raimi can think of, are enough to sell me. I’m in.

via Variety

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