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Have YouTube TV? You Might Get Showtime for Free

If you’re a “longtime friend” of YouTube TV, then you may have access to Showtime for free. After all, that’s what friends are for—bumming each other’s streaming accounts.

Evidently, YouTube TV wants to apologize for its recent price hike. The cable-like streaming service is quietly handing out free Showtime to any of its “friends” that have stuck around in spite of increased subscription fees. If eligible, you’ll get free access to Showtime from now until September 5th.

While YouTube TV hasn’t clarified what makes someone a “longtime friend,” you can check for the offer in the YouTube TV settings menu under the Membership option. Once the offer is activated, you’ll have free Showtime access through YouTube TV until September 5th. It’s worth noting that we couldn’t get this activated under our account (which has been active for a long time), so it could be slowly rolling out to users.

Now, this isn’t some free trial that requires your credit card info. Once September 5th rolls around, your Showtime access (if you’re lucky enough to get it) will just disappear into the ether. No auto-renewal, no tricks, just a few months of Showtime for free.

If you don’t see the Showtime offer in your YouTube TV settings, try again later. There’s a chance that you’ve been a bad friend, but there’s also a chance that Google will slip the offer into your account later today.

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