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The Best Part of Nintendo Labo Will Be Making Your Own Cardboard Robots

When Nintendo announced its Labo line of cardboard accessories last week, there were only two things we wanted: that virtual mech as soon as possible, and the ability to make your own cardboard creations. The former will launch on April 20th, but now we know Nintendo will give us the latter as part of the Toy Con Garage.

According to Kotaku, Nintendo confirmed at an event in New York that Labo will include a kit for building your own cardboard gizmos. There was even a brief shot of what it looks like in the promo video the company released last month. The screenshot above shows the building blocks the Toy Con Garage (as Nintendo calls its Labo workshop). It appears to be a very basic set of inputs, actions, and if-then statements. Even if it’s not the most complex developer toolkit, it will open a lot of possibilities for users to create their own cardboard robots.

Nintendo demonstrated what you can do with this by showing off a cardboard electric guitar (presumably a variation on the cardboard piano Nintendo will sell you directly) and electronic tennis. It’s unclear if you have to buy a Labo set in order to get access to the app, but we would assume so. Still, $70 for access to as many cardboard accessories as the entire Labo community can come up with is a heck of a lot better deal than $70 for…well, five things.

Source: Kotaku

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