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7 Gadgets Under $50 to Accessorize Your Coffee Experience

Your coffee habit is a perfect place to splurge a little and accessorize. We’ve rounded up some great products that range from fun and quirky (like coffee dusting stencils) to downright practical (like heated mugs).

The coffee experience is as much about the rituals surrounding the coffee as it is the coffee itself, so we hope you find something in our roundup that adds to the experience of preparing and drinking your morning (or midnight) cup.

Tech Tools Heated Smart Travel Mug ($30)

Whether you’ve spent ages lovingly roasting the beans just right or you’ve just whipped up some—we promise we won’t judge—instant coffee, you want it to be hot, right? The Tech Tools Heated Smart Travel Mug will guarantee that. The stainless steel 16 oz mug offers a temperature control that will keep your coffee between 85 and 160 degree Fahrenheit. If you opt to use the mug to warm up your coffee on the fly, there’s even an alert to signal you when it has reached your desired temperature.

The heating element is powered by your car’s 12 volt port, although if you really love the experience and want to use the mug in your office you can always purchase a socket adapter. It’s got a simple interface, heats your coffee as advertised, and maybe (just maybe) might even work as a bludgeon if you’re in a tight spot.

United States Kitchen Stainless Steel Milk Frother ($11)

Is there anything better than frothy milk? Plenty probably, but in the context of coffee, nope, not really. The United States Kitchen Stainless Steel Milk Frother is an inexpensive way to get that barista style frothing effect just right. While it’s not exactly a replacement for a boiler-driver steam frother, it’s also a fraction of a fraction of the cost of a steam model and as long as you’re willing to heat the milk up first it’ll froth quite well.

The one touch control does all the work for you once you’ve got your heated milk in hand. The 12,000 rpm motor whirls the small whisk head and whips up the thickest and foamiest milk in about 15 seconds. It’s a perfect little accessory for someone who wants the frothed milk experience without dedicating serious counter space to an espresso-style steam frother.

Brix Coffeelock Bag Closure ($5)

Brix Coffeelock Bag Closure sounds like a dull gadget, doesn’t it? In fairness, it’s not the most exciting coffee related product in the world but it is really practical. It works as a clip, conveniently and securely sealing your coffee bag, maintaining its freshness (certainly better than the silly stickers and foil bands found on most coffee bags). Even better, it works as a scoop, being the perfect size to scoop out the coffee beans in an ideal measurement for serving.

Despite the utilitarian nature of the product, it’s the kind of thing that you’ll soon wonder just how you lived without it—and at around the price of a cup of coffee, it’s a cheap and simple way to help keep your bag fresh.

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker ($50)

If you’re on an espresso fan on a budget, your options for espresso makers are severely limited—good counter top machines run hundreds of dollars. That’s where the MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker comes into its own. The handheld espresso machine distills the espresso experience down into a package so small it’s briefcase friendly.

You supply the hot water and the ground coffee and with a little elbow grease you’re in business. Its semi-automatic piston controls the amount of extracted coffee involved, and you don’t even have to worry about using compressed air or N20 cartridges like with other similar coffee makers.

Whether you’re making your coffee at home, at the office, or you’re the classy sort of hiker who enjoys good coffee on the trail, it’s a great little product that makes good espresso accessible.

GOAT STORY Mug ($35)

Travel mugs often look pretty similar. If you want something completely different than the plastic-Starbucks-mug look, this GOAT STORY Mug is the mug for you. Made from BPA-free plastic and wrapped in real leather, the 16 oz container is horn shaped to look like something out of Viking mead hall. It includes two straps—one long, one short—so you can easily carry it around in whatever stylish manner you want.

The mug’s holder will also quickly transform into a stand (you flip it upside down so the wide end of the leather cone is down) ensuring you can easily place the mug onto a flat surface once you reach your destination.

Sure, there’s no temperature control here and this might not fit into your professional aesthetic but if you want your coffee served out of conversation piece you can’t beat it.

FairTree Coffee Shaker ($9)

Perhaps not as practical as some other gadgets here, the FairTree Coffee Shaker makes up for it with fun. Simply place powdered sugar, cinnamon, or cocoa inside the sifter, place one of the coffee stencils over your frothed milk (you did buy the milk frother right?), and shake the powder over the stencil to create latte art that doesn’t require extensive practice to get right. It’s cheap, cheerful, fun, and a steal at $9.

Bookman Stainless Steel Bicycle Handlebar Cup Holder ($40)

If you cycle to work or class every day, you’ll know it’s tricky to also juggle a cup of coffee. And when I say tricky, I mean nearly impossible. The Bookman Stainless Steel Bicycle Handlebar Cup Holder circumvents that issue in a way that makes it dead simple (and stylish) to attach it to any bike.

It can be flipped around to be used with either small or large cups. There’s a storage cube too so you can store it flat for safekeeping, and the design is available in 6 different colors so it’ll match up with the look of your bicycle

Image: Tania Zbrodko/Shutterstock.

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