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Best Showerheads for Kids

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A child-friendly showerhead can make your kid’s transition from bath to shower less intimidating, and even fun! They’re a lower height than standard showerheads, have lower water pressure, and come in fun, festive designs.

The biggest advantage these have over regular showerheads is they bring the water down to your child’s height, allowing them to step in and out of the stream. Kids who aren’t comfortable keeping their head and face under running water will feel more comfortable with a lower shower. Our picks also feature a slower-flow for a gentler shower.

There’s no hard and fast rule about switching to showers from baths. For kids who are sensitive to water, forcing the change before they’re ready doesn’t have any benefits and could backfire. Parents can follow their kids’ lead and wait until they begin expressing an interest in showers, which typically happens between 5 and 7 years old. Make sure you have a nonslip mat and supervise them while they establish a shower routine.

Some of these are meant to replace the regular showerhead, while others divert from an existing one, making switching back and forth possible. If you share a bathroom with your child, you’ll want to pick one that switches back to the regular showerhead or one that you can use yourself.

Best for Most People: Kaiying Children’s Handheld Shower Head

Kaiying Frog showerhead and hose.

Five different animal options mean your child can pick which “big kid” shower they’d like. The Kaiying functions like a handheld sprayer, and it’s available with a varying amount of equipment depending on what you need. If you want to keep your existing showerhead, you’ll want the option with a hose and diverter.

If your kids have their own shower, you can choose the showerhead plus hose to replace a regular showerhead. Kaiying’s hose is long—59 inches—so this one can be placed quite low on the shower wall using the suction cup base.

Finally, if you already have a handheld shower attachment, you can really save money and simply get the animal showerhead and base.

Best for Bigger Kids: Waterpik Safari Spray

The Waterpik Safari Spray Elephant Shower Head.

The Waterpik Safari Spray replaces your current showerhead, but thanks to its adjustable neck (er, trunk) you can move it back up to adult height. The Waterpik only extends down 18 inches, however, so it might not be as helpful for a child who is making the bath-to-shower leap.

One feature this one has that the others do not is multiple spray settings. You can set the Safari Spray to rainforest mist, tropical rainfall, or the two combined.

Best Budget Pick: Ginsey Industries My Own Shower

Ginsey Industries My Own Shower fish shower head, hose, and diverter.

The Ginsey Industries My Own Shower uses a diverter and a three-foot detachable hose that twists out if you want to use the regular showerhead. The cartoon fish showerhead uses a suction cup to attach to the wall, so you need a completely smooth surface. Textured tiles—like those that resemble stones—won’t work with the suction cup.

The showerhead does not adjust once it’s stuck on the wall. The smaller output means it’s a gentler-flow, which can help kids who are apprehensive about showers.

Best Standalone Mount: BOPai Vacuum Suction Cup Shower Head Holder

BOPai Vacuum Suction Cup Shower Head Holder.

If you already have a handheld shower attachment, all you need is an additional mount placed at the appropriate height to create a kid-sized shower. There are dozens of options for a simple mount. The BOPai has a good track record and is easy to set up. The mount uses a suction cup that can hold up to 7.5 pounds.

As we noted with the Ginsey Industries pick, a suction cup needs a smooth surface to get a strong grip. BOPai includes an adhesive disk, however, and says you can use it in conjunction with the mount, so it adheres to a textured surface. You’ll want to make sure your showerhead handle fits the BOPai’s 3/4-inch diameter.

Best Standalone Mount

BOPai Vacuum Suction Cup Shower Head Holder,Adjustable 20 Degrees From the Wall

Standalone mount can be used with an existing handheld showerhead.

Too Good Not to Include: Oxygenics Darth Vader Handheld Shower Head

Oxygenics Darth Vader shower head.

This is not a showerhead for the faint of heart. The sight of water streaming from Darth Vader’s eyes or mouth (there are three spray settings) is probably only appealing to the most fervent of Star Wars fans. A Darth shower could incentivize kids who are otherwise reluctant to stand under a regular-height shower.

A diverter isn’t included, so this one replaces your current showerhead. That might not be a problem, however, as there’s a solid product behind the novelty. A comfort control level lets you adjust the water pressure, and the hose is a generous six feet.

Finally, it offers all you dads out there the perfect setup to unleash your “I am your father” impression.

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