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Aukey 10W Wireless Fast Charger Review: A Speedy and Stylish Qi Charger

If you’re shopping for a wireless charger for your smartphone you’ve likely discovered that your options are almost entirely black with a spattering of white and little in between. Aukey’s speedy 10W fast charger is a nice departure from monochrome accessories.

When it comes to purchasing a wireless charging pad for your Qi-enabled smartphone—be it a shiny new iPhone or one of the many Android phones that support the standard—you can’t go wrong if you follow some basic guidelines like:

  • Buy from a reputable brand
  • Buy a pad rated for at least 10W for compatibility with fast charging devices.
  • Pair the pad with a high quality and high watt charger to ensure adequate energy output.

The thing is, though, you can follow those basic guidelines and 90% of the time you’ll end up with a generic looking black disc. That generic looking black disc might be great (the two we recommended in our iPhone wireless charging article are fantastic albeit nondescript) but with the degree of integration we have with technology you  might crave something a little less black-box-accessory and a little more fashionable.

Just because something is useful doesn’t mean it has to be utilitarian.

That’s where the Aukey LC-Q4 10W Wireless Fast Charger comes in. It’s got the same quality fast charging parts in it you’d expect from an established brand, but a whole lot more visual appeal than the black hockey puck shape we’ve come to associate with wireless charging pads.

Instead of black plastic and black rubber like you’d expect, the charging pad is silver metal (which imparts a nice heft to the whole unit) on the bottom and the charging surface is covered in a light blue fabric with a coarse weave.

We paired the device with a quick charge USB charging transformer and it matched our previous Qi charging pads in terms of charging speed—except, you know, it did it in style with that swanky fabric-on-metal design.

With that in mind, we don’t hesitate to recommend the Aukey charging pad to anyone who wants the convenience of fast charging but in less utilitarian package. The Aukey LC-Q4 10W Wireless Fast Charger retails for $29 which includes just the charging pad, be sure to add in an appropriate high-watt charging transformer, like this 18W model, to ensure full charging speed on fast charge compatible devices.


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