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8 Unique Sticker Packs to Customize Your iMessage Experience

Ever since the iMessage overhaul in iOS 10, the entire iMessage platform is significantly more fun and flexible. Among the changes, the most popular is definitely the introduction of sticker packs—a super simple way to customize and liven up your messages. Here are our eight of our favorite options.

Text-based communication has always suffered from a lack of body language and facial expressions to smooth out communication bumps. First we had emoticons made of simple text characters, then we had emojis with more detailed images. Now we have not only a plethora of emojis to pick from but when we’re using iMessage we can even add in fun stickers. With hundreds of options out there though it’s easy to get lost in a mess of lackluster choices. We dug through the weeds though and plucked out some gems for you.

Retro Emoji ($1)

Retro Emoji keeps things pretty old school and harkens back to the early days of creative text-based emoticons. The stickers are composed of variety of brackets, lines, and other font-based symbols just like in the good old days so you you can shrug or sneer to your heart’s content.

It’s a delightful throwback to a simpler time before emojis turned old school text patterns into colorful and animated symbols . Consider them the gateway drug of sticker packs: before you know it you’ll have your friends and family hooked on more complex stickers.

Minecraft Sticker Pack ($2)

Is there anything that Minecraft hasn’t tried its luck with? Probably not. Fortunately, the Minecraft Sticker Pack is a lot more fun that keychains and other trinkety merchadise. With over 25 stickers available, you can insert Alex and Steve ready for battle in your messages, or simply a cute pig in a mine cart.

Elsewhere, there are stickers of a sad ghast, Alex nodding, and a trotting ocelot. It’s suitably varied and imaginative, just like the game it’s based on. With Minecraft being particularly popular amongst younger gamers, it’s the ideal sticker pack if you’re trying to impress your Minecraft loving kids kids or nieces and nephews.

Super Mario Run Stickers (Free)

Much like Minecraft, it’s hard to think of something that Super Mario hasn’t become a part of. That’s the case with the Super Mario Run Stickers pack. It might be themed around the iOS game of the same name, but these are multi purpose. You can insert a sad or happy Mario to your messages, along with Princess Peach, Toad, and Yoshi.

Templates are available so you can always place a Mario hat on a photo, or place your loved one coming out of a green pipe. It’s silly but infectious fun. Seasonal offerings such as Mario presenting a gift are bound to provoke some smiles too.

Angry Birds Stickers (Free)

Once, Angry Birds was the unstoppable King of games on the App Store. That’s not quite the case any more but there’s still plenty of reason to download the Angry Birds Stickers pack.

A variety of different birds with attitude are available, including many from The Angry Birds Movie. There’s a decent selection here so you can easily convey your happiness, sadness, excitement, or frustration, all through the medium of moody cartoon birds. It’s far more satisfying than simply telling someone you’re having a lousy day.

Aardman Face Bomb (Free)

Aardman Animations isn’t a name that you might immediately recognize but you’ll certainly recognize their iconic works. They’re the company behind such hits as Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run. Their Aardman Face Bomb sticker pack focuses on the absurd and distinctive faces that each of its characters offer.

By dragging a sticker of a zany mouth onto a photo, you can change the whole meaning of exchanging photos. There’s the option of dragging eyes around too, and what’s more appealing than placing some googly eyes onto an item of fruit or the back of someone’s head? It’s charming and very silly. Much like Aardman Animations’ film output.

Pizza Friend ($1)

Pizza Friend is as quirky a sticker pack as it sounds. Based on a picture book called How To Eat Pizza, the pizza stickers inject plenty of personality into a humble slice of pizza.

Stickers include a cheerleader pizza slice, a sleepy slice of pizza, and even a ghostly one. It’s as bizarre as it sounds but it’s great if you want to lighten the mood with a buddy, or you want a change from your usual GIF wars on a Friday afternoon. Just don’t be surprised if you end up with a huge craving for pizza every time you use them. Sure, the pizza is cute but it looks darn tasty too.

Simon’s Cat ($2)

Cats can generally be pretty funny. Simon’s Cat is absurdly funny, as anyone who’s watched the Youtube animations of the cuddly and accident prone cat can attest to.

The sticker pack captures that same charming dose of humor, providing you with dozens of cute stickers to share for every occasion. There’s a Simon’s Cat for a rainy day, a lazy cat, an adorable one offering a heart, or a grumpy cat carrying a baseball bat. It’s that delightful mixture of cute yet quirky that’s made the entire concept a surefire hit.

Disney Stickers: Mickey ($2)

Who can resist Mickey Mouse, right? There’s a wealth of different Disney Sticker packs out there but, arguably, the cutest is the Mickey Mouse one.

The pack includes a cute sticker of Mickey and Minnie kissing, an annoyed Daisy, and a confused Goofy, so it should cater for every mood you might want to express. Alongside that, you can use accessories such as Mickey’s ears or Goofy’s hats to complement your photos and add a Disney twist to an otherwise drab selfie. After all, is there anyone that doesn’t think traditional Disney is pretty great?

Sold on the idea of sticker packs for iMessage fun but not on our picks? Lucky for you there are tons of sticker packs available with new packs coming out all the time. Open up the iMessage app store from within iMessage by tapping on the app icon and you’ll find there’s a sticker pack for practically every mood, occasion, and interest.

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