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You Can Already Buy HomePod Coasters (Or Just Use Your Own)

If you picked up Apple’s new HomePod recently, you might want to avoid setting it on any fancy wood furniture. Until you get a coaster, at least. Leather accessory company Pad & Quill known an opportunity when it sees one and is already making leather coasters for your HomePod. Or, you could just use any coaster you have lying around the house.

In case you’ve missed the news, the Apple HomePod leaves unsightly rings on some kinds of wood furniture. The silicon base of the HomePod diffuses the oils in certain wood finishes. The rings usually go away after a few days, or you can sometimes blow them out with a hair dryer. While the problem isn’t unique to the HomePod, it is annoying.

Pad & Quill’s coasters are $20 and come in brown and slightly darker brown leather. They’re the first company we’ve seen to pitch dedicated HomePod coasters, but the truth is any coaster will do. If you have a set of coasters in your home already, just slide one under your HomePod to prevent rings from appearing on your furniture.

Source: Pad & Quill

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