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Turn Your iPhone into a Wallet with These 5 Cases and Accessories

Why worry about carrying around a wallet and a phone? If you have your phone on you 24/7—and we certainly do—you might as well combine the two. With the right case or accessory you can cut down on the clutter in your pocket.

We’ve rounded up our favorite wallet case solutions with an emphasis on different styles to meet different needs. Worried about being too conspicuous? Like the phone case look? We’ve got you. What about wireless charging? Do you carry a lot of cash? Don’t worry. We even have an option for the purist who already has a phone case. Whatever your needs, there’s a phone wallet for you.

Best Inconspicuous Phone Wallet: Spigen Slim Armor CS ($18)

The Spigen Slim Armor CS is a great two-for-one option that acts as a sturdy protective phone case and a credit card holder too. The Spigen isn’t even an obvious card holder at first glance, which makes it a much less conspicuous target than a case that obviously holds credit cards and cash.

The back of the case has a cover that slides easily to the right to open, but when you slide it closed, it keeps your cards tightly secured. Have a touchless card? You don’t even have to take it out; just scan the card through the phone case.

Best for the Cash is King Crowd: ULAK Leather Wallet Case ($14)

So you’ve got cards, but you also still pay for things in cash. Just because you like to check out the old school way doesn’t mean you need an old school wallet though. Welcome, the ULAK Leather Wallet Case. It fits the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus and offers a place to stash both your cards and you cash.. The leather cover flips over the front of your phone, which also prevents everyday wear and tear to the screen.

The three card holders and 1 larger pocket for money are securely held by a magnetic lock closure. There’s even a clear pocket for a picture or your ID, so you can flash it at the cashier without having to take it out. Lastly, there are several fashionable patterns, and there’s even a wristband to secure the wallet like a small clutch if you’re carrying it in hand instead of in your pocket or purse.

Best Phone Wallet for Wireless Charging: Silk Wallet Case ($15)

A tradeoff with most wallet cases is that you give up the ability to charge your phone wirelessly (either on account of their bulk or metal in the design). Luckily, we’ve found one that still allows you to stash your cards and wirelessly charge your phone! The Silk Wallet Case can not only let you charge wirelessly, but it acts as a sturdy phone case. You can slide cards and cash through the side of the case. Opposite to the card slot is a small opening for you to push your cards out to use (removing the cards required a pretty firm push, so there’s no worry about your credit cards flopping out when you’re using the phone as, well, a phone).

Best Phone Wallet for Case Free Crowd: The CardNinja ($20)

If you’ve got a lot of cards, no place to hold them, and you’re not about to start using a case (or give up your existing case) then look no further. The CardNinja Adhesive Credit Card Wallet is super easy to stick to the back of your phone or case. It even fits on all smartphones and will work with most cases. This convenient card wallet can hold up to 8 cards or cash thanks to a highly elastic design. It can even hold earbuds if you’re willing to give it a good stretch and overlook the lumpy outline! To top it off, it comes with a magnetic car vent mount so you can be hands-free when driving and talking on the phone.

If you’re worried about wireless card skimmers the CardNinja even has RFID blocking technology, so scammers and thieves can’t use radio frequencies to steal your credit card info.

Best Phone Wallet for the Leather-Lover: LAMEEKU Leather Case ($14)

Do you want protection for your phone and somewhere to put your credit cards, but don’t want to ditch your leather wallet? The LAMEEKU Leather Case, made for the iPhone 7 or 8, is durable, shockproof, and designed to look great while protecting your phone. It not only has raised sides to prvent the screen from getting scratched, but the corners and cushioned back provide full-frame protection.

If you want to take out a card, just pull the red tag out of the body of the case to reveal 3 hidden slots. Even with your cards hidden, there’s still the risk of threat with RFID. The LAMEEKU Case has RFID sheilding so you won’t have to worry. With all this protection in a great-looking case, don’t overlook the many color options for the leather!

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