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Five Echo Dot Accessories to Upgrade Your Pint-Sized Echo

The Echo Dot is Amazon’s cheapest Echo, which makes it easily one of the most popular. It’s pretty bare bones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade it a bit. Here we collect some of the best options for upgrading your Echo Dot with better speakers, a battery, mounts, and more.

Vaux Speaker ($50)

If you want to upgrade your Echo Dot to something closer to the Amazon Tap, the Vaux Speaker is a great bargain. It includes a battery that can last for up to six hours of continuous playback (or longer just listening for voice commands) as well as a relatively powerful speaker. You’re not going to get Sonos-quality sound out of it or anything, but it will be a lot better than what you’re used to from your Echo Dot.

Portable Battery ($35)

If you don’t care about getting better audio out of your Echo Dot, but would still like to take it with you, this portable battery from Wasserstein is for you. With a 7,000mAh battery, it gives you hours of usage while away from a power outlet. The company estimates this will give you around 5-8 hours of battery life while playing music, or up to 12 hours of standby time.

Wall Mount ($15)

Not every room has a convenient surface to set an Echo Dot on. This wall mount from Sanus, however, lets you place your Echo Dot on the wall, or even on the underside of a cabinet so you can get all the benefits of Alexa without taking up table space. It’s really an ideal solution for making your Dot as unobtrusive as possible. The mount comes in both black and white flavors to match your Dot or your home decor.

Fabric or Leather Case ($10-20)

Amazon doesn’t make a ton of official accessories, but these fabric cases are a cheap way to make your Echo Dot a little more eye-catching and fit in with your home decor. There are three colors of fabric (Charcoal, Indigo, and Sandstone) for $10 each. If you prefer leather, you can choose from Merlot, Midnight, and Saddle Tan for $20 each.

Voice Remote ($30)

The Echo Dot is cheap enough that you could put a few throughout your house. However, it can get expensive to cover every spot in your home. The Alexa voice remote helps fill this gap, letting you send voice commands to your Echo or Echo Dot wherever you are by pressing and holding the button. You can also use it to pause your music, skip tracks, or adjust the volume on your Echo or Fire TV. If you’re using your Echos as a whole house audio solution the voice remote is a fantastic way to control everything with ease (no yelling down the hall at your Echo required).

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