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The Best Non-Leather Wallets for Your Apple Card

The shiny new Apple Card.

According to Apple, leather wallets will blemish and stain your shiny new Apple Card. But don’t worry, plenty of alternatives can keep your Apple Card looking like a clean, lean, peripheral machine.

What to Look for in an Apple Card Wallet

As outlined by the official Apple Card support page, Apple Cards should be stored in a wallet, pocket, or bag made of “soft materials.” But you need to choose your “soft material” wisely, as “leather and denim might cause permanent discoloration” of the card. (Of course, Apple replaces damaged cards for free, and a little discoloration isn’t the end of the world.)

You should also avoid any wallets that facilitate card-on-card contact, as the Apple Card “could become scratched” if it rubs against another card. Oh, and you should avoid wallets that have “magnetic latches,” as they could demagnetize the Apple Card’s magnetic strip.

Follow these simple rules to a T, and your Apple Card should be safe from blemishes, discoloration, and magnetic tomfoolery. If your card sustains a blemish, Apple suggests you clean it with a microfiber cloth and some isopropyl alcohol.

Apple hasn’t suggested a brand of alcohol or microfiber cloth on its website, but we’ve noticed that the company usually suggests products from Belkin. It just so happens that Belkin sells a microfiber cloth on Amazon. This cloth comes with an alcohol-free solution that you should not use on your Apple Card, so your best bet is to pair it with some Solimo brand isopropyl alcohol.

Note: We are not responsible if your Apple Card is damaged by a Belkin microfiber cloth or Solimo isopropyl alcohol.

For Total Isolation: Petutu Resealable Card Holders (20 Pack)

The Petutu plastic card sleeves.

If you want your Apple Card to look like it’s never been used before, consider buying a 20 pack of Petutu resealable card holders. These resealable sleeves can keep your Apple Card fully isolated, and their lanyard holes give you the option to turn your cool Apple Card into a fancy accessory.

Of course, the Petutu plastic sleeves aren’t as convenient as a dedicated wallet. But they’re the best way to ensure your Apple Card stays absolutely isolated and blemish-free.

For Total Isolation

20 PCS Clear ID Badge Holder, Vertical Clear Plastic Name Key Card Tag Holder

These Petutu resealable card holders can keep your Apple Card in full isolation, and they even come with some handy lanyard holes!

Slim and Synthetic: The Dash Slim Wallet

The Dash slim wallet.

The Dash Slim Wallet is a slim synthetic leather wallet with three built-in pockets for cards and cash. It’s a great option for people who want to separate their Apple Card from their inferior credit cards and ID cards.

Unlike some slim wallets, the Dash slim wallet doesn’t really “loosen up” over time (so long as you don’t abuse it). Your cards won’t fall out of the Dash slim wallet, but they’ll still be very accessible and easy to manage on-the-fly.

Slim and Synthetic

Premium Mens Slim Wallet By DASH - Vegan Card Wallet, Small Compact Front Pocket Design

The Dash Slim Wallet is made of synthetic leather, so it won't blemish your Apple Card. It has three pockets, so you can easily organize your credit cards, IDs, and your cash.

The RFID-Blocking Option: Herschel Bi-Fold Wallet

The Herschel nylon RFID blocking wallet.

RFID is a new form of wireless data transmission that’s included in some credit cards. It’s a convenient alternative to swiping or inserting your card, but some people speculate that the technology isn’t safe. Theoretically, a scammer could use an RFID receiver to snatch the info from your card.

If you want to protect your Apple Card from RFID scammers, you should consider grabbing the Herschel RFID-blocking wallet. It’s a nylon wallet that won’t blemish your Apple Card, and its multiple pockets mean you can isolate your card from anything abrasive in your wallet.

The RFID-Blocking Option

Herschel unisex adult Hank Rfid Bi Fold Wallet, black/black Synthetic Leather, One Size US

If you're trying to keep your Apple Card safe from RFID scammers, consider this Herschel wallet. It's made of nylon and has multiple pockets, so you can keep your Apple Card isolated and blemish-free.

The Tri-Fold Option: Timberland PRO Nylon Wallet

The Timberland PRO tri-fold wallet.
Timberland PRO

If you’re looking for a traditionally styled tri-fold wallet, check out the Timberland PRO wallet. It’s made of nylon, so you don’t have to worry about it blemishing your Apple Card. Plus, it’s a velcro wallet, so you can keep it nice and compact in your pocket.

Like the Herschel wallet, the Timberland PRO wallet has plenty of pockets. You don’t have to worry about your Apple Card rubbing up against any of your other cards or any objects that might be floating around in your pocket.

The Tri-Fold Option

Timberland PRO Men's Cordura Nylon RFID Trifold Wallet with ID Window, Black, One Size

The Timberland PRO wallet is a fantastic, traditional tri-fold option for your Apple Card. It's made of nylon, so it won't blemish your card, and it has plenty of space for your other cards, too.

For Convenience: iPhone Wallet Cases

The Encased Phantom case and the OT ONETOP case.
Encased, OT ONETOP

Of course, plenty of iPhone wallet cases are perfect for your Apple Card. All of these phone cases are soft and made from synthetic materials, so they won’t blemish your card. Just keep in mind that thick phone cases rarely play nice with wireless charging pads.

Here are some great iPhone wallet cases for your Apple Card:

  • OT ONETOP Latched Case (iPhone 7 and 8): Made from a synthetic leather, this versatile wallet case has multiple pockets for your IDs, cash, and your precious Apple Card. It has a physical latch, as opposed to a magnetic latch, so it won’t demagnetize your cards. This case will work with wireless charging pads, so long as it isn’t densely packed with too many cards.
  • OT ONETOP Latched Case (iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus): This is just a larger version of the other OT ONETOP case. It’s slim and synthetic, and it has a physical latch.
  • Spigen Slim Armor Case (iPhone X and XS): Ah, a slim protective case with a secret hatch for two cards. This is the perfect place to hide away your Apple Card, even if you’re using a regular wallet for your other cards. But, due to this case’s thickness, it won’t work with wireless charging pads.
  • Encased Phantom Wallet (iPhone XS Max): A simple case with a back pocket for three cards, this is a great alternative to a slim wallet. It can keep your Apple Card totally blemish-free, but it won’t work with wireless charging pads.
  • OT ONETOP Latched Case (iPhone XR): This is just the XR version of the other OT ONETOP case. It’s slim and synthetic, and it has a physical latch.

And that’s all there is to it. These wallets and cases have the potential to keep your Apple Card totally blemish-free. Just don’t forget, Apple is more than willing to replace your card if it gets damaged in any way. An abrasion or stain isn’t the end of the world, it’s just the end of one shiny Apple Card.

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