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Light Dims Are the Perfect Solution to Blindingly Bright Gadget LEDs

Whether you have a few or a few dozen gadgets in your house there’s one thing that’s a practical guarantee: at least one or more of them will have an LED indicator light that’s four times brighter than the sun. Light Dims are a super simple solution to that problem.

Maybe it’s your cellphone charger, maybe it’s the lights on your router, or maybe your brand new TV has a bright indicator that, inexplicably, indicates the TV is off by lighting up your bedroom like an airstrip.

Not pleased that your charging station doubles as a reading lamp? We’ve got a solution.

Regardless it’s a scenario practically everyone can relate to. The LED lights on gadgets of all sizes are just too damn bright. Rather than permanently alter your gadgets by removing the LED (if you can even get the casing open in the first place), painting over them with nail polish, or the like, there’s an inexpensive and easy to remove solution: Light Dims.

Light Dims are simply little stickers of varying sizes and, depending on the type you purchase, varying opacity.

Whether you want to dim a bright LED a little bit (so you can still see if the device is on or if the router light is blinking, for instance) or you want to black it out completely, there’s a Light Dim type for that. They even have silver and white Light Dims to match modern electronic body colors. You can pick up individual packs for $5-7.

Here’s what a bright blue LED on a multi-port USB charger looks like uncovered, dimmed 50%, and black out, using Light Dims:

You could always make your own blackout stickers with electrical tape and a hole punch or razor blade (which is a DIY technique we highlighted over at How-To Geek). Given how many Light Dims come in a pack, how easy it is to apply and remove them, and how there isn’t an easy DIY solution for partial dimming, however, we’d encourage you to just grab a pack, dim your electronics, and get a good night’s sleep.

Not sure which style of Light Dim is the best fit? You can always buy the variety pack that includes one set of every Light Dim product. You’ll have plenty for all your gear and maybe even some left over to give to friends.


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