6 Best Alarm Clocks for Deep Sleepers

It’s tough to wake up in the mornings sometimes. Your bed is cozy and warm, and who really wants to face the working day every day? No alarm clock will physically throw you out of bed, but there are plenty of great options for heavy sleepers. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

Sure, you can set an alarm on your smartphone or your fitness wearable, but it’s surprisingly easy to hit the snooze button in both cases. Instead, a physical alarm clock can offer you plenty of features that are guaranteed to get you moving a little faster in the morning, no matter how unenthusiastic you are to begin the day.

Sonic Alert Loud Alarm Clock – The Skull ($38)

The engineers behind this alarm clock appreciate that the deepest of sleepers need multiple ways to get them going—the Sonic Alert Loud Alarm Clock packs quite a punch. There’s the 113db extra-loud alarm with adjustable tone and volume control for ensuring you can’t fail to hear the alarm in the morning.

As well as the obscenely loud siren there’s is a 12-volt ‘bone crusher’ bed shaker, and bright red flashing eye sockets to truly drive home how necessary it is for you to peel yourself out of bed. It’s incredibly annoying to be woken up by a loud sound, your pillow shaking a little, AND flashing lights, and that’s exactly what will get you moving.

There’s an MP3 player built-in for a more friendly wake-up call, but you won’t be needing that—anybody that can peacefully open their eyes to “Morning Has Broken” isn’t buying an alarm clock called “The Skull”.

iLuv SmartShaker ($10)

Aimed at travelers, people with thin walls, and couples, the iLuv SmartShaker is a travel alarm shaker that works alongside your iPhone or Samsung smartphone. Place it under your pillow, and you can wake up via some subtle (or not so subtle) vibrations. You can set up to 10 alarms, 5 ringtones, and various snooze durations so you can get things just right for you.

The advantage here is that it’s hard to sleep through something moving under your head. Plus, you won’t have to worry about waking up your partner next to you, or anyone in the hotel room alongside yours. It’s neat and compact, making it ideal to slip into your holdall or briefcase.

Shopping tip: grab the white model off Amazon—for some reason it’s more than 50% off the black model, in stock more often, and sleeping you won’t care what color it is.

Screaming Meanie Timer and Alarm Clock ($31)

With a name true to its behavior, the Screaming Meanie Timer and Alarm Clock is incredibly loud. It offers three settings, comprising of 70db, 90db, and 120db. All the settings are rather loud but the highest setting is akin to placing an emergency siren near your ear.

Because of that, this isn’t an alarm clock for those that share the room with others (or live in an apartment with thin walls), but it is ideal if you’re alone and really need to get out of bed at the right time. It’s powered with one 9-volt battery and it’s small enough to easily take with you wherever you go. As a bonus, it also works as a pretty effective timer and emergency alarm.

Ruggie ($70)

One of the best ways to get moving in the morning is, well, get moving. Ruggie is a rug carpet based alarm clock that forces you to stand on it to switch it off. Simply standing on it for 3 seconds causes the loud noise to stop and hey, guess what? You’re out of bed now, so you might as well start the day.

For those who are keen to trick the system, you can extend the time in which you have to stand to up to 30 seconds, so you really might as well get moving. The rug is made out of memory foam so it’s pretty comfortable to stand on too.

Peakeep 4″ Twin Bell Alarm Clock ($14)

Want an inexpensive traditional alarm clock that still makes plenty of noise? The Peakeep 4″ Twin Bell Alarm Clock is a great choice. Battery operated, it keeps things pretty simple, right down to a clear and easy to read clock face that depicts numbers in a large print for sleepy users.

There’s no snooze button in sight or anything vaguely technologically minded, other than a backlight button. Instead, it has more in common with the retro stylings of the early 20th century mechanical alarm clocks (but with electric inner workings). All it requires is 1 AA battery for a charge that’ll last about 4 months. Like old school alarms, you’ll have to manually set the alarm on each night and turn it off each morning—but hey, maybe the act of switching on the alarm each night might become a trigger for restful sleep.

Clocky ($40)

Clocky is an alarm clock with personality. The moment your alarm goes off, the motors kick in, the wheels start spinning, and it runs away from you beeping like a pseudo R2D2 style robot. The only way you can stop it making noise is by catching it and hitting the off switch.

Some days, it’s going to feel like dealing with an annoyingly needy pet, but it’s a near foolproof way of getting you out of bed. It’s durable—it’s designed to fall from table height to the floor–so it can leap off your nightstand with enthusiasm. Also, you can always opt to turn off its wheels, reducing it to a conventional alarm clock.

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