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The Best Leather Laptop Sleeves

Tuk Tuk Press Leather laptop Sleeve on table
Tuk Tuk Press

The world is a dangerous place, and if you take your laptop with you everywhere you go, accidents are bound to happen. A leather laptop sleeve is a great tool to have for that extra layer of protection against the outside world.

What’s Important to Look for When Purchasing a Laptop Sleeve?

Before picking out your laptop sleeve, you should consider what makes a good sleeve and what your needs are.

  • Material: All the picks on this list are made from some form of leather, but faux leather options are becoming increasingly more popular and eco-friendly. Both offer solid protection from bumps and scratches and will keep your laptop safe. The inside should be soft to prevent scratches.
  • Protection: The laptop sleeve should be able to protect your laptop from outside impact and spills. Leather is great for surface damage, but for higher impact damage and falls, extra padding is an important feature in protecting your device.
  • Size: A very important question to ask before you buy any laptop sleeve is: Will this sleeve actually fit your laptop? Remember that laptop screen sizes are generally measured in diagonal length—the length from the top-left to bottom-right corners—and not the horizontal length. In addition to your laptop fitting inside the sleeve, you’ll want to make sure the sleeve will either fit inside your bag or has a handle to be carried.
  • Pockets: While not a requirement for a laptop sleeve, many have at least one pocket. You can keep your laptop charger, USB thumb drives, phone, and headphones all together with your laptop. If the sleeve has a handle and pockets, you almost don’t even need a full-sized messenger bag or backpack.

The Best for Most People: FYY Premium Leather Sleeve

FYY Pocketed Leather Laptop Sleeve

If you’re looking for an easy way to carry your laptop around while also keeping it safe from harm, the FYY premium leather sleeve is a great choice. The handle, zipper pocket, and inner compartments allow you to keep all your essentials with you at all times. Your phone, wallet, chargers, and computer can all easily fit in this sleeve while still managing to be much smaller and compact than a conventional full-sized laptop bag. It comes in 2 sizes ranging from 12 to 15.6 inches, fitting most laptops. Because of its great price and amazing quality, the FYY premium laptop sleeve is the best choice for most people.

The Best for Most People

FYY 12-13.5" [Premium Leather] Laptop Sleeve Case Cover Bag for MacBook Pro/ MacBook Air/ iPad Pro 12.9 2018 2017 2016, Laptop Bag for 12"-13.5" Surface Lenovo Dell HP ASUS Acer Chromebook Black

If you're looking for a way to easily carry your laptop while keeping it safe from harm, the FYY leather laptop sleeve is the best choice for most people.

The Best Faux-Leather Option: HYZUO Faux-Leather Sleeve

HYZUO leather laptop sleeve

Leather can be a controversial topic for some people. But no matter your reason for not wanting to use real leather, the HYZUO faux-leather sleeve is an excellent choice. This sleeve comes in three sizes (13″-15″) that will fit almost any laptop. As a bonus, it also comes in a variety of colors and in horizontal and vertical orientations. The sleeve includes a separate, portable pouch for holding your chargers, headphones, and mouse, so you can easily keep your computer stuff together (although, you can purchase it without this option if you want) This sleeve will protect your laptop just as well as the real leather options and doesn’t raise any moral questions. So if you want the suede leather look and feel without having to use animal leather, the HYZUO faux-leather sleeve is the way to go.

The Best Faux-Leather Option

HYZUO 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve Compatible with MacBook Air M2 A2681 13.6" Display, MacBook Air 13 M1 2018-2022, MacBook Pro 13 M2 M1 2016-2022, Faux Suede Leather Case with Accessory Bag, Dark Gray

The HYZUO faux-leather laptop sleeve is an amazing product that isn't made from any part of an animal. If you're looking to protect your laptop but don't approve of using real leather, this sleeve is perfect for you.

The Premium Pick: Tuk Tuk Press

Tuk Tuk Press leather sleeve
Tuk Tuk Press

Not all leather is made the same. If you’re looking for a premium quality material, then the Tuk Tuk Press leather sleeve might just be the one for you. This sleeve is hand-stretched from premium quality buffalo leather giving it an absolutely gorgeous, authentic look. The trim and zipper are stitched together by hand with a beautiful yellow thread, tying the whole thing together. It comes in two sizes (13-14″ and 15-17″) that will fit almost any laptop, so if you’re looking for a rustic, luxury sleeve, the Tuk Tuk Press leather sleeve is our premium pick.

The Premium Pick

Tuk Tuk Press, Handmade Distressed Buffalo Leather, Luxury Laptop Sleeve, 11 Inches by 15.75 Inches by 18 Inches Diagonally

The Tuk Tuk Press leather sleeve is a gorgeous product. This hand-stretched, genuine leather sleeve is the best way to keep your laptop safe in style.

The Most Versatile Choice: Omoton Laptop Sleeve

Omoton leather sleeve

Some sleeves can do more than just protect your laptop from bumps, scrapes, and spills. The Omoton synthetic leather sleeve is a great option that can also be folded into a stand for your laptop. Raising your laptop at an angle takes the pressure off your wrists and helps the blood flow to your hands. Being lifted up also lets the laptop dissipate heat faster, which can help prevent overheating. This sleeve is an insanely versatile product for how well made and affordable it is, which is why we had to include it.

The Most Versatile Choice

OMOTON Laptop Sleeve with Stand Function, Slim Carrying Bag Compatible 2018/2019 New MacBook Air 13 inch, Black

The Omoton laptop sleeve is a super-thin, synthetic leather sleeve that will protect your laptop from bumps and scrapes while also functioning as a stand for all your devices.

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