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8 Products for Book Lovers (That Aren’t Books)

Looking for a gift for a book lover and don’t want to buy them a book or gift voucher? We’ve got some great ideas for products that will enhance their reading experience and that they’ll adore.

It’s easy enough to buy a friend or loved one a book but buying them the right book is tricky. After all, book taste is a pretty personal thing. If you’re keen to avoid that issue or you want to buy them something more original sounding, we’ve rounded up 8 products that make reading even more joyous. Don’t expect all these ideas to be hugely technological—not everything needs bluetooth connectivity to be fun—but they’re all useful.

Kindle Paperwhite ($120)

Does your loved one somehow still not have a Kindle? Or is theirs an ageing original device? The Kindle Paperwhite is a no brainer of a purchase then that—while it might seem a bit on the nose and maybe a bit of a cheat for a gifts for book lovers that aren’t books list—is really the perfect gift for book lovers.

It weighs less than the average paperback book and will hold a charge for up to six weeks, depending on how frequently you use it, so it’s very convenient. Then there’s the fact that there are literally millions of books, newspapers, magazines, and more available through it—and it can hold thousands of them at once. The e-ink screen is high contrast and easy to read, the back light is the best in class, and it’s an over all glare-free and pleasant experience. It’s the perfect gift for your book lover. Even if the book lover on your shopping list swears by the feel of paper in their hands, there’s something to be said for the ability to carry hundreds of books with you.

Raniaco Reading Light ($16)

The ability to see what you’re reading is obviously an important part of the experience and eye strain from dim lighting conditions is no fun. The Raniaco Clip Reading Light is an inexpensive and bright way to illuminate your reading materials. With a simple adjustment you can enjoy one of three levels of adjustable brightness ranging from a modest amount of light that likely won’t disturb your bedmate to a very bright setting suitable for lighting up large books.

It charges via USB so it’s convenient to recharge (with no specialty charging plug to lose), and you can unclip it from its holder and attach it to your book or bed headboard. A 360 degrees rotating design ensures you’ll always get the right angle too. It’ll soon be something you’ll wonder how you lived without.

Wooden Folding Book Light ($30)

OK, so a book light is a valuable thing but how about something more stylish than a clip? The Wooden Folding Book Light is the kind of thing that will look great on your bedside cabinet or coffee table.

Made from recyclable material, the light ‘unfolds’ like a book, opening up and casting a light in a broad arc. It’s quite got a warm and comfortable light that serves a practical purpose too. It charges via USB rather than power cord for maximum portability so you can place it wherever you fancy. All around it’s a charming little gift for the book lover in your life.

Bamboo Bathtub Rack ($30)

Reading in the bathtub is a truly indulgent and delightful way to spend some time. Assuming you don’t fall asleep and drop the book in the water, that is. The Bamboo Bathtub Rack will make that a lot less likely and—even if you’re not at risk of falling asleep in the tub—it still offers a great place to park your book so you don’t have to clutch it every second you’re in the water.

Made from natural eco-friendly bamboo and offers you a place to securely prop your book or Kindle. You could even place your laptop or iPad if you’re feeling particularly daring. Separate sections are available for your cell phone and wine glass, with expendable arms guaranteeing it will fit nearly every tub.

Thumb Thing Book Page Holder ($5)

If you’re the kind of reader who finds it tricky to focus on where you are on the page, the Thumb Thing Book Page Holder is an invaluable tool. Simply place it on your thumb and it creates a line that you can follow down on the page for easier reading and viewing.

The Thumb Thing also doubles as a bookmark placer, with you able to slot it in wherever you need to remember. It’s particularly useful for younger readers or easily distracted folk who might be having trouble focusing on the page as they study.

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark ($9)

If you’re trying to read more often and you work well with specific goals in mind, the Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark is an ideal tool. It provides you with a digital countdown timer and alarm that alerts the reader when they’ve completed their required reading time.

Besides that, it also tracks cumulative time over multiple sessions, provides a 60 second countdown and count up feature. Although aimed at children and their assigned readings, you’ll be surprised how oddly satisfying it is in a way akin to the reading equivalent of a Fitbit. Multiple colors are available but at time of writing, pink and purple are cheapest.

Romeo and Julienne Cutting Board ($16)

For the literary minded, this is a great gift. It’s a wooden cutting board shaped like a book with the title ‘Romeo & Julienne’ embossed on the side. (Just in case culinary lingo isn’t in your wheelhouse, the pun is to “julienne” food is to cut it into thin strips.)

A functional size, it’ll store easily on your kitchen side or in a bookshelf. Made from solid beech wood, it’s a legitimate cutting board that’ll last for years. For pun fans, and book lovers, it’s a cute little purchase that’s unlike many other literary related gifts out there.

Homesick Scented Candle, Books ($30)

Nothing quite beats the smell of a book. It’s the kind of sensory experience you just can’t get from an e-book reader. Unless, of course, you pair it with one of these candles—which makes them a perfect companion gift for anyone you buy a Kindle for.

The Homesick Scented Candle, Books smells like a leather-bound book in a sunlit library. There’s a hint of balsamic and vanilla to finish the scent. Sounds pretty delightful, right? A chunky 13.75 oz of all natural soy wax, it offers 60-80 hours of burn time. If you’re trying to create the right ambiance for a marathon novel reading session, this is a lovely way of doing precisely that.

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