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Amazon Will Stop Selling Nest Products, Still Isn’t Selling Chromecasts

Amazon and Google’s frankly stupid feud continues. Shortly after Amazon announced it’s buying smart device manufacturer Ring, we’re now learning that Amazon will stop selling Nest products. Nest, naturally, is owned by Google, which means this is just one more volley in their stupid war.

According to a report from Business Insider, the Nest team learned late last year that Amazon won’t continue selling its products. This may mean that Amazon made the decision independent of its decision to buy Ring, but the result is still the same. If you want to buy smart gadgets from Amazon, then you’ll have to get them from Amazon’s ecosystem (or a third-party that’s not part of Google’s).

Currently, you can still find some Nest products on Amazon, but those will reportedly disappear once current inventories run out. There’s no telling how long those supplies will last, but if you’re planning to buy Nest products in the future, you may have to look elsewhere.

Coincidentally, Amazon announced in December that it planned to restock Google’s Chromecast devices, which it pulled in 2015. As Android Police notes, however, after three months they’re still not in stock. Amazon’s December announcement came amidst a fight to get YouTube support for the Echo Show, but that didn’t go very well. At this point, we may as well give up any hope of Amazon and Google getting along in the short term. And when they can’t get along, we all lose.

Source: Business Insider via The Verge

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