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The 7 Best Smart Scales for Simple Weight Tracking (and More)

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Weight loss can be difficult enough, but keeping track of your progress adds another level of complexity. So why trouble yourself with that when any of these excellent smart scales could take care of it for you? The Best Smart Scales

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What to Look for in a Smart Scale

Here are a few things to consider when looking at smart scales.

  • The App: Every scale on this list comes with its own app and that’s very important for a smart scale. The app is where your data will be sent and where you’ll be able to view and track your weight. Naturally, you want the app to be well-designed and easy to use, but that’s not the full picture. You may already use a health app for tracking certain things, and you’ll likely want the data from your scale in there as well. Fortunately, most of the scales on this list support other health apps such as Google Fit, Apple Health, Samsung Health, and MyFitnessPal. We’ll be sure to mention what you can expect of each scale in terms of app compatibility.
  • Measurements: Any scale you find will measure your weight, but part of the benefit of a smart scale is that it can usually provide more information. From calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI) to measuring your body composition ( muscle mass, body water, bone mass, etc.), there are many measurements a smart scale can include to improve the user experience and help you learn more about your body.
  • Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi: The two main types of smart scales you’ll find are Bluetooth scales and Wi-Fi scales with, generally speaking, Bluetooth being the more budget-friendly option. This is because Bluetooth scales require fewer components, but they’re also more limited in utility. You need to have a Bluetooth device (whether that’s a phone or a fitness tracker in some cases) nearby for the scale to save your data to an app. If it’s over Wi-Fi, then the scale can store and upload that data by itself—no need to take your phone into the bathroom every time you need to weigh yourself.
  • Battery Life: You don’t want to replace your smart scale’s battery often; Ideally, it should be something you rarely think about. The best scales in this regard can last well over a year, so we’ll be mentioning the estimated battery life of each scale when it’s provided.
  • User Limit: There’s a decent chance this scale will be used by other members of your household, and it would be annoying to have constantly switch accounts just to weigh yourself every morning. That’s why a lot of smart scales will include multi-user modes that allow multiple profiles on a single account to streamline things—they may even automatically detect whose using the scale by going off of the recorded weight.

Best Overall: Withings Body+

Withings Body+

To start this list, the Withings Body+ is a Wi-Fi enabled smart scale that covers all the bases. You can measure your weight, alongside full body composition statistics including water weight, bone mass, and fat percentage. There’s a pregnancy mode for expectant mothers and even a “baby mode” for weighing the youngest members of the family. On top of all that, the scale can keep track of eight different users with the Withings Health Mate app (Android/iOS), will show the weather on the display before the weighing begins, and can sync with over 100 different health apps. The Withings Body+ can also last for 18 months off of four AAA batteries (included in the box).

And if that’s not enough for you, Withings has the Body Cardio model which also measures your heart rate and Pulse Wave Velocity—although, at $50 more than the Body+ it’s not a cheap upgrade. There’s also the standard Withings Body at $40 less than the Body+, which keeps Wi-Fi connectivity but drops body composition data.

Best Overall

Withings Body+

A Wi-Fi enabled smart scale which covers all the bases.

Best Budget Option: Wyze Scale

Wyze Scale

The Wyze Scale is a popular option in this field and it’s easy to see why—a combination of the low price and great features makes this a hard deal to beat. This scale measures 12 different body metrics including heart rate, muscle mass, and water weight, and sends all the data off to the Wyze app (Android/iOS), but it can also sync with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit (Samsung Health coming soon). It supports eight different users but with the “Guest Mode,” it can store an unlimited number of profiles.

The Wyze Scale is a Bluetooth scale, but at the price that’s more than understandable and still makes this one of the best options on the market—especially if you’re new to smart scales. The Wyze Scale comes with and uses four AAA batteries which should last at least six months.

Best Budget

Wyze Scale

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An inexpensive smart scale with plenty of premium features.

The Midrange Pick: eufy P1

eufy P1

Moving slightly up the totem pole, the P1 from eufy is another Bluetooth scale with a solid feature set for the price. It measures 14 different body metrics including bone mass, fat percentage, and BMR, it can track 16 different users with the EufyLife app (Android/iOS,) and can sync to Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit. It runs off three AAA batteries (included) which will last about a year.

The Midrange Pick

eufy P1

A solid option that blends the low and high ends together for an all-around great smart scale.

Best Premium Option: QardioBase 2

QardioBase 2

If you’re willing to drop a decent sum on your smart scale, then the QuardioBase 2 includes a load of great features in a sleek package. You can set up the QuardioBase 2 to use either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and it works on any flat surface (including carpet).  The Qardio Heart Health app (iOS/Android) will keep track of all your stats, can be used to set goals, and syncs with various health apps including Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health, and MyFitnessPal. The QardioBase 2 also measures full body composition and includes a pregnancy mode.

You don’t even need to worry about batteries with this one—it’s rechargeable and should last a year between charges.

Best Premium

QardioBase 2

The pinnacle of smart scales in both features and style.

Wi-Fi on the Cheap: Greater Goods Smart Scale

Greater Goods Smart Scale
Greater Goods

We’ve already covered how Wi-Fi connectivity is a premium feature among smart scales, but this model from Greater Goods aims to bring it to a lower price point. This scale may look simple from the outside, but it still gives a full body composition report and can support eight different users with the Weight Gurus app (Android/iOS)—it can also sync with apps like Google Fit and Apple Health. This scale uses four AAA batteries, but unfortunately, no estimated battery life is given.

Setting up the Greater Goods scale can be a bit tricky with multiple reviewers citing complications, so we recommend checking out Greater Goods’ in-depth tutorial and troubleshooting page if you run into any issues.

Wi-Fi on the Cheap

Greater Goods Smart Scale

This smart scale brings the advantages of Wi-Fi connectivity to a lower price bracket than the competition.

For Fitbit Fans: Fitbit Aria Air

Fitbit Aria Air

If you love your Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch, then the Aria Air should definitely be considered. While many smart scales will work with the Fitbit app (Android/iOS), the Aria Air is designed specifically for it. This Bluetooth scale only measures weight and BMI, but the great integration with the Fitbit app for setting goals and data tracking is what makes this one worthwhile. It takes and comes with three AAA batteries—no estimated battery life is given.

There is also the Aria 2—a more recent and premium version of the Aria Air—but at the time of writing it’s currently unavailable with no signs of being restocked. But if it does ever return, then that model is also great as it includes body composition measurements and Wi-Fi connectivity.

For Fitbit Fans

Fitbit Aria Air

If you own other Fitbit products, then the Aria Air will work with them excellently.

For Garmin Fans: Garmin Index S2

Garmin Index S2

The second-generation of the Garmin Index may be pricey, but for dedicated Garmin users, it’s definitely worth it—having a smart scale that natively supports the same app (Android/iOS) as your fitness tracker, running watch, or cycling computer makes for a great combo. It supports Wi-Fi connectivity as you’d expect from the price, but also provides full body composition measurements and allows for 16 different users. The display even has a couple of neat features, including weather reports and a graph that shows how your weight is trending. You can also expect the Index S2 to last nine months off of four AAA batteries.

For Garmin Fans

Garmin Index S2

A premium smart scale designed for users of Garmin products.

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