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Razer’s New Mic Shows Emoji On Its Little Screen [Confused Face]

Razer Siren Emote Microphone

Hey, Twitch streamers. You know what your microphone needs? Emotes. And before you wonder just where the hell you might find a microphone that displays emotes, Razer has you covered with its latest product announcement.

Known as the “Siren Emote,” the microphone features an 8-bit LED display that’s positioned on the back so it’s facing your camera and your viewing audience. The device can display more than 100 static or animated preset emoticons in an 8×8 grid and supports the ability to upload your own 8-bit designs through an editor in the Razer Streamer Companion App.

The Companion App also lets you configure different triggers so certain emotes are displayed when specific events happen. For instance, the mic could display a smiley face when you gain a new follower, a heart icon when you receive a like, and perhaps a dollar sign when someone donates to your channel. And if the whole idea of having your microphone display emotes is a huge turn off, you’re in luck: the device can also show a puke symbol.

Razer notes that the Siren Emote packs quality hardware for professional streamers who can expect “crystal-clear” vocals on the microphone thanks to a hyper-cardioid pickup pattern that captures subtle nuances in voice. The mic reportedly features a pattern that is tighter and more focused than a regular cardioid pattern to help reduce background noise, while a built-in shock mount helps eliminate noise from vibrations and bumping into the mic. It’s also outfitted with an interchangeable gooseneck that allows the mic to be positioned where it’s needed.

No setup is required. The Siren Emote is plug-and-play compatible with PCs so you get going right out of the box. The Razer Streamer Companion App is currently compatible with Twitch, Streamlabs, Xsplit, and Mixer. Units can be ordered now for $180 and will be available in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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