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Accessorize Your Switch Lite With 8BitDo’s Newest Pocket-Friendly Controller

8BitDo Nintedo Switch Lite Controller

For anyone who’s tired of holding their Nintendo Switch Lite during marathon sessions of Link’s Awakening, 8BitDo has announced a new controller that is designed with 2D gaming and ultra-portability in mind, yet it retains all the core Switch buttons.

The gamepad connects over Bluetooth and features two D-pads instead of thumbsticks, which probably makes it less than desirable for playing 3D titles, but ideal for Super Mario Maker 2 along with the NES and SNES games that are available on the Switch. The D-pads are accompanied by more than a dozen other controls, not least of which being the obligatory A, B, X, and Y buttons, as well as  right and left shoulder bumpers.

It’s probably worth noting that although the controller is designed to be compact, some folks may question the idea of lugging a separate controller around with their Switch Lite. The console is already designed for portable gaming with integrated controls and it doesn’t have a built-in kickstand to support the use of an external controller. So for gaming on the go, the device will have to be propped up against something or played flat down on a table with a kinked neck.


If that doesn’t have you deterred, or you just want to use the cute controllers with your original Switch 8BitDo’s latest creation is available to be pre-ordered on Amazon for $24.99 and it ships on October 30. Units are being made in the same yellow and turquoise colors as the Switch Lite. For folks who don’t own a Switch Lite but still find the controller appealing for gaming on other platforms, it will also work with devices running Windows, macOS and Android, but not iOS, like many of the company’s other designs.

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