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The New Logitech G Pro X Mechanical Keyboard Makes Switch Swapping Simple

Logitech G Pro X Keyboard

Worried that you won’t like the switches on your new mechanical keyboard? Or maybe you just want to customize the switches on certain keys? Logitech’s new G Pro X makes those problems easy to solve.

Beyond simply allowing you to remove and replace the keycaps that sit on top of keyboard, the G Pro X ships with a puller device that lets you detach the switches underneath the keys. Most mechanical keyboards have their switches soldered on, so the process is considerably more involved to swap their key switches, requiring each one to be desoldered before soldering on a new one. A handful of boutique models make it easier than that to swap switches, but this is a first from mainstream manufacturers such as Logitech.

We haven’t tested the G Pro X yet, but if we may speculate a bit about its performance, an immediate trade-off to a swappable switch design could be switches that aren’t quite as stable to the touch as those that are soldered to the board. But Tom’s Hardware has gotten hands-on with the board and says its switches “seem to stay solidly in place” after being popped off and put back on. The G Pro X is further described as having a “plasticky” feel despite being solidly built, and it’s noted that the switches and sockets are tested for upwards of 1,000 plugs and unplugs to ensure durability.

Along with the swappable switches, Logitech’s G Pro X features a tenkeyless design with 92 keys (no number pad), a detachable Micro USB cable, and RGB lighting that can be customized through Logitech’s G Hub software.

Logitech will be selling packs of 92 switches for $49.99 and they’ll be available in GX Blue Clicky, GX Brown Tactile, and GX Red Linear variants. These GX switches aren’t made by Cherry but Logitech reportedly told Tom’s Hardware that Cherry MX switches are also compatible with the board. It will likewise work with standard Cherry MX keycaps, which are widely available with custom designs.

Pricing for the G Pro X is set at $149.99 and pre-orders are open now. In the event that you find the board attractive but don’t necessarily care about the swappable switches, a non-X “G Pro” is also on offer for the lesser price of $129.99.

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