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Ditch the iPhone 11’s Short Cable for These 6 Extra Long USB-C to Lightning Cables

The iPhone 11 Pro with its charging accessories.

The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are the first iPhones to include a USB-C to Lightning cable for 18-watt fast charging. That’s great and all, but the included cable is only one meter (three feet) long.

If you want to use your iPhone 11 while it’s charging (maybe you’re in bed, maybe you’re tall, maybe both), then you’ll want to upgrade to a longer USB-C to Lightning cable.

Sure, you could just use one of your old (and slow) Lightning cables. But then you won’t reap the benefits of 18-watt charging, which can fill half of an iPhone’s battery in just 30 minutes. And if you’re a MacBook owner, then a USB-C to Lightning cable is your only option for plugging the iPhone 11 into your laptop.

It’s also worth mentioning that the standard iPhone 11 can work with 18-watt fast charging, it just doesn’t come with a USB-C to Lightning cable (in fact, it’s packaged with 5-watt charging accessories). If you’re using the regular iPhone 11, then now’s a good chance to upgrade your cable for 18-watt fast charging. Just make sure you have a USB-C power brick, too.

USB-C to Lightning Cables (6-Foot+)

The Anker Powerline USB-C to Lightning cable.

Apple sells an official 6.6-foot USB-C to Lightning cable, but it costs over $30. You can go down that route if you really want to, but plenty of cheaper MFI-Certified chargers should work just as well. (For quality’s sake, we’re only listing MFI-Certified cables in this article.)

Here are the longest USB-C to Lightning cables you can buy:

  • Nomad Goods (9.6-Foot): This cable’s taller than I am! And in fact, it’s three times as long as the standard iPhone charging cable. Why not?
  • Apple (6.6-Foot): This official Apple USB-C to Lightning cable is 2 meters (6.6 feet) long. That’s exactly twice as long as the cable that comes with the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.
  • AUKEY (6.6-Foot): AUKEY’s 6.6-foot braided iPhone cable is basically a half-priced version of the official 6.6-foot Apple cable.
  • CHOETECH (6.6-Foot): This cable has the same length and price as the 6.6-foot Aukey cable, except it isn’t braided.
  • Sundix 2-Pack (6-Foot): This braided USB-C to Lightning two-pack is a great budget option.
  • Anker (6-Foot): Anker was one of the first companies to develop an Apple-certified USB-C to Lightning cable. Consider this a high-quality alternative to some third-party cables.
  • RAVPOWER (6-Foot): RAVPower is one of the best brands for charging accessories, and it’s USB-C to Lightning cable regularly goes on sale.

And again, if you own an iPhone 11 (which comes with a 5-watt USB-A power brick), you might want to buy a USB-C power brick alongside your USB-C to Lightning cable (if you don’t own one already).

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