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Alexa’s Newest Music Voice Commands Let You Be Even More Vague

An Echo is a great way to listen to music, except for one minor issue: your voice commands have to be pretty precise most of the time. A new update to Alexa is making it a little easier to ask for music. Now you can use more vague, casual commands.

Normally, you can play music with specific commands like “play 80s music” or “play Queen.” Now, Alexa is going to be a bit more flexible. You can ask for music you’ve heard before in the past with commands like “play that playlist I listened to last Tuesday,” or “play something I haven’t heard lately.” You can also be more vague when asking for genres or artists music.

The changes are designed to make it feel more natural to talk to Alexa. Sure, every once in a while you know the exact song and artist name you want to listen to, but more often you just want something to work out to, or to hear that earworm that got in your head last week. These improvements make it more natural to talk to the little music-playing AI in your home.

Source: The Verge

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