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Hori’s Mario Kart Racing Wheels Are Ready to Drop Banana Peels

Hori Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheel Standard

Device maker Hori has launched a pair of Nintendo-licensed, Mario-themed racing wheels: a Standard model with bright red and blue colors, and a Deluxe model with dark red and black colors along with some extra features.

Both wheels will bring your game to the next level, whether you’re playing Mario Kart 8 or any other racing title with wheel support, and whether you’re playing those titles on the Nintendo Switch or on a PC. The wheels come complete with foot pedals (two pedals on a single base) and the face of the wheel features most of the buttons you’d expect from a Nintendo controller: A, B, X, Y, LSB, RSB, ZL, ZR, a D-pad, and so on.

Although each version has a reconfigurable button scheme, the Deluxe model has what appears to be a more ergonomic button layout with the ZL and ZR buttons situated on the wheel itself in the 10 and 2 positions, and the rest of the buttons in the upper center of the wheel where they should be easily accessible with your thumbs.

Hori Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheel Deluxe

It also features dead zone adjustment to customize the wheel’s sensitivity, the ability to adjust the angle of the wheel from 270 degrees to 180 degrees, as well as a clamp stand and suction cups to mount the wheel in a stable spot. The Deluxe pedals also look to have a higher build quality.

Those extras don’t come cheap, however. The Standard version is available for pre-order on Amazon at $70 with a shipment date of November 12, while the Deluxe model doesn’t appear to be readily available through US vendors, though it can be pre-ordered on Play Asia for $137 and will ship on November 30.

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