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The Best Cat Trees for Your Feline Friend

a cute cat sticking its head out of a cat tree.
Africa Studio

A good cat tree can improve the life of your feline friend. But they’re a bit expensive, and they don’t always last that long. So, here are five fantastic, durable cat trees for every situation and budget.

What to Look for in a Cat Tree

Cat trees are made up of platforms, scratching posts, and built-in toys. They’re meant to enrich your cat’s environment by providing a space to play, climb, and scratch, and they can actually help alleviate some cat behavioral problems (tearing at furniture, scratching at feet, etc.).

But what should you expect from a cat tree? How big do they need to be, and what should they be made out of?

Here’s what you should look for in a cat tree:

  • Size: How big a cat tree do you need? Cats love to climb up giant trees, but a big piece of cat furniture might not fit in your living room. Try to strike a balance that works for you and your cat.
  • Features: Cat trees are great for lounging, but they can also work as scratching posts or play areas. Look for features your cat needs. If they like to scratch at furniture, get them a cat tree with built-in sisal scratching posts. If they swat at people, get them a tree with built-in toys to burn off that energy.
  • Build quality: Cheap cat trees are made of cardboard and crappy carpet. They fall apart quickly, and they tend to look (and feel) gross after awhile. For quality’s sake, all of the cat trees in this article are made of compressed wood. If you want to take things a step further, buy one that’s made with rigid carpet (or no carpet).
  • Consider floor-to-ceiling trees: Some cat trees press against the floor and ceiling like tension rods. These floor-to-ceiling trees are a great space-saving option, and they can actually give your kitty more altitude than other freestanding trees.

And that’s all there is to it. Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to start shopping.

The Best Overall: Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club cat tower
Go Pet Club

For under $100, the Go Pet Club cat tree is a fantastic option. It’s made of durable compressed wood and real sisal rope, so it’ll outlast similarly-priced cat trees. Plus, it’s 62 inches tall and features a bunch of platforms, hammocks, and hideouts for your cat.

Just keep in mind that this cat tree is roughly three feet wide. That’s about the size of a real piece of human furniture, so you might have trouble finding a spot for the Go Pet Club tree in your home.

Best Overall

Go Pet Club 62" Classic Cat Tree Kitty Tower Kitten Condo Scratcher for Indoor Cats with Sisal Posts, Condo, Ladder, Soft Perch, Hammock, Basket Bed, and Tunnel Cat Activity Center Furniture, Beige

The 62-inch tall Go Pet Club cat tree is made of durable particleboard and real sisal rope. For under $100, this cat tree is a steal.

The Budget Pick: Go Pet Club 51-Inch Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club cat condo tree
Go Pet Club

The Go Pet Club 51-inch cat tree is a solid piece of budget cat furniture. It’s a straightforward cat tree with built-in sisal scratching posts, a hanging toy, and a few lounging platforms. That’s really all you need. This cat tree would work great in the corner of a small room (it’s less than two feet wide), and it’s made from compressed wood, so it should last for a few years (if you can keep the plush carpet clean).

Best Budget Pick

Go Pet Club 51" FULL Sisal Covered Scratching Posts Corner Cat Tree Kitty Tower Kitten Condo House Furniture with Hanging Toy for Indoor Cats, Beige

The Go Pet Club 51-inch cat tree is a simple, well-made piece of cat furniture. It's one of the best cat trees you'll find at its price.

The Premium Pick: Vesper 47.9-Inch Cat Furniture

The Vesper cat tree

The Vesper cat tree is a bit of an oddity. It isn’t covered in plush carpet, it’s very geometric, and it’s clearly made of particleboard. In other words, it’s made to last for a long time. It’s strong and well-balanced, and it won’t take on the gross feel and smell of fully carpeted cat trees.

Your cat won’t mind that the Vesper isn’t fully carpeted (sometimes it’s nice to feel cool particleboard on your tummy), and it’ll love the Vesper’s long sisal rope scratching posts and dangling play toy. Also, the Vesper’s only about two feet wide, so it should fit comfortably in most rooms (just keep in mind that it’s only 47.9 inches tall).

Premium Pick

Vesper Cat Tree, High Base, Walnut, 52045

The Vesper cat tree is a durable, cleanable option that's made of real particle board and sisal rope.

Best Floor-to-Ceiling Option: S-Lifeeling Climber

The S-Lifeeling floor-to-ceiling cat tree

Floor-to-ceiling cat trees can reach up to insane heights without taking up too much floor space. The S-Lifeeling floor-to-ceiling tree is a particularly good option because it’s affordable, adjustable for different height settings (with a max height of 113 inches), and made of a relatively tough carpet.

Of course, this tree doesn’t have any hiding spots, built-in toys, or sisal rope for scratching (although you could always just wrap some sisal rope around it yourself).

Best Floor-to-Ceiling Option

S-Lifeeling Cat Climbing Toys Tower Structures Cat Climber Tree Post Shelves Multilayer Platform Super Long Large Cat Climbing Tree Cat Tree Furniture Scratch

The S-Lifeeling floor-to-ceiling cat tree is adjustable, affordable, and made of a relatively tough carpet.

The Huge Option: Armarkat 78-Inch Cat Tree

The Armarkat cat tree

If you’re looking for a gigantic piece of cat furniture, then you should check out Armarkat’s 78-inch tree. It’s a pretty big tree, and it sports multiple surfaces for playing, scratching, climbing, or lounging. Plus, it’s made of durable pressed wood, sisal rope, and carpet, so it should last for a few years.

Keep in mind that this Armarket tree is just under three-feet wide. That’s kind of impressive (considering its height), but it might be too big for some rooms of your house.

The Huge Option

Armarkat Cat Tree Model B7801, Alabaster, 32"(L)X27"(W)X78"(H)

Armarkat's 78-inch cat tree is extremely tall and features multiple surfaces for playing, climbing, scratching, and lounging.

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