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Motorola Razr Returns? Event Scheduled for November 13

The original Motorola Razr
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“You’re going to flip,” reads an invitation that Motorola has begun sending out to media for an event that will almost surely involve the unveiling of a fresh take on the old school Razr flip phone.

Scheduled for the evening of November 13, the event will be hosted in downtown Los Angeles and will feature the “highly anticipated unveiling of a reinvented icon.” The event will include appearances from special guests and music performers along with “a journey through immersive experiences.”


When Motorola discussed the idea of resurrecting the Razr with CNET in December 2018, the company itself noted that while people are yearning for a new take on the Razr, the phone would have to be revived in a way that isn’t gimmicky and manages to deliver an incredible experience. “We’ve got to figure out how to deliver a breakthrough,” said Raul Pierce, co-designer of the original Razr.

Those are encouraging words and it will be interesting to see what Motorola has whipped up. We anticipate a more modern foldable device, perhaps with dual screens or a single folding display, which seems about the only thing Motorola could do for this phone to be anything more than just the old Razr with faster chips and a sharper screen.

Less encouraging words come from a January 2019 report in the Wall Street Journal, where it was claimed that the new Razer would cost $1,500 and only around 200,000 units would be produced. Speculation suggests that the new Razr will have a modern Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a 2,730mAh battery, 4GB or 6GB of RAM, 64GB or 128GB of storage, and color options including white, black, and gold.

We’ll find out soon enough how accurate that is.

Source: CNET

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