The Best Multi-Device Mice and Keyboards for Power Users

The Logitech K780 and an iPad.

Managing multiple machines was once the domain of niche gadgets like KVM switches. But now that tablets, phones, and even TVs are full-fledged computers, you might want to use that keyboard and mouse on a lot of devices at once.

Enter the multiple-machine input category. These keyboards and mice have been designed specifically for switching between two or more computers, tablets, phones, et cetera, with either Bluetooth or USB-based wireless. Sometimes both at once!

Logitech has been perfecting this tech—most of the mice and keyboards they’ve released in the last few years have been capable of switching between multiple devices, and its FLOW software is particularly neat. But there are a few other options as well.

The Best Budget Multi-Device Keyboard: iClever Bluetooth

The iClever Bluetooth multi-device keyboard from the top.

This multi-device keyboard from iClever is a pretty obvious clone of a similar Logitech design. But for the price, it’s the cheapest option you can find from a reliable manufacturer. The compact layout is designed to work well with PCs and mobile devices, with a slot on top for propping up a phone or tablet. The keyboard can switch between three saved Bluetooth connections with the easy-to-spot 1, 2, or 3 keys. Its rechargeable battery should last for weeks.

The Best Budget Multi-Device Keyboard

iClever Bluetooth Keyboard - Rechargeable Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard with Aluminium Alloy Housing and Phone Holder, Universal Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablet Android iOS Windows

The design is a bit derivative, but this keyboard connects to three different Bluetooth PCs, phones, or tablets at once, switching between them with dedicated keys. Nice.

The Best Budget Multi-Device Mouse: VicTsing Pioneer Bluetooth

VicTsing's premium mouse from the side.

Calling this mouse an “homage” to Logitech’s MX Master design would be a bit cheeky, but budget supplier VicTsing has managed to copy most of the famous design features for less than half the price. It includes all the standard mouse buttons, plus a dedicated side-scrolling thumbwheel and an ergonomic body design. The mouse includes a standard wireless USB receiver and can connect to two Bluetooth devices, for a total of three gadgets under its control at once.

The Best Budget Multi-Device Mouse

VicTsing Pioneer Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse, Easy-Switch Up to 3 Devices, Wireless Mouse with Side Scroll Wheel, 5 Levels Adjustable DPI, Bluetooth Mouse for Laptop Android/OS/iOS/Windows/Linux

This mouse has most of the features of Logitech's MX series, with less than half the price. It can connect to two Bluetooth and one USB devices at once.

The Best Premium Multi-Device Keyboard:Β Logitech K780

Logitech K780 keyboard from the front.

If you want to get serious about multi-device functionality on your desk, we like Logitech’s mid-range K780. There are bigger and more expensive options in the company’s stable, but this one includes a handy shelf for your phone or tablet, long and strong enough to handle the biggest, heaviest tablets. Dedicated device swap buttons make switching easy, but it’s also compatible with Logitech FLOW for macOS and Windows, allowing seamless switching from one screen to another. It works on up to three devices, using either Bluetooth or Logitech’s Unifying USB receiver.

The Best Premium Multi-Device Keyboard

Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard for Computer, Phone and Tablet – FLOW Cross-Computer Control Compatible

The K780 keyboard includes a long tray for holding phones and tablets, works with three USB or Bluetooth devices at once, and is compatible with Logitech's FLOW software.

The Best Premium Multi-Device Keyboard: Logitech MX Master 3

The Logitech MX Master 3 mouse, from the side.

Logitech’s top-of-the-line mouse has mastery of multiple devices built right in. In addition to its super-comfy design, ball bearing scroll wheel, thumbwheel, and improved wheel buttons, and dual Bluetooth/USB wireless, it works with Logitech FLOW on macOS and Windows. The latest revision recharges via USB-C, a very welcome addition. Note that most of these features are also available on the more ergonomic MX Vertical mouse and MX Ergo trackball. All three of these designs are discounted pretty frequently, so keep an eye out for the sale if the high price puts you off.

The Best Premium Multi-Device Mouse

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse, Ultrafast Scrolling, Ergonomic, 4000 DPI, Customization, USB-C, Bluetooth, USB, Apple Mac, Microsoft PC Windows, Linux, iPad - Graphite

The MX Master 3 is a phenomenal mouse on its own merits, but it can also connect to three USB or Bluetooth devices at once, and use Logitech's FLOW software.

The Best Mobile Multi-Device Keyboard: Logitech K380

The Logitech K380 keyboard, from the front.

If you want a way to control your laptop, tablet, and mouse all at once, and space in your bag is at a premium, the tiny K380 will be your new best friend. This compact design is a lot like the Apple Magic Keyboard, but thinner with better key travel. It can switch between three Bluetooth devices on the fly, and yes, it’s also compatible with Logitech FLOW if you’re using it with multiple macOS or Windows machines.

The Best Multiple-Device Mobile Keyboard

The Best Mobile Multi-Device Mouse: Logitech Triathlon M720

The Logitech M720, between two keyboards.

This little guy is my favorite travel mouse. It’s not especially small, but it lasts for literally years on a single AA battery, and it’s as comfy as most desktop mice thanks to a curvy body with grippy plastic. Bluetooth and USB-based wireless mean it’ll work with any PC, tablet, or mobile device, and the switch button on the top makes the M720 it the easiest multi-device mouse in Logitech’s lineup. If you use it with desktops and laptops, it’s also compatible with FLOW.

The Best Mobile Multi-Device Mouse

The Best Multi-Device Keyboard for Gamers: Corsair K83

The Corsair K83 keyboard, from the top.

Gaming keyboards are hard to find in wireless form and even harder to find with multi-device support. But Corsair’s K83 packs both Bluetooth and a USB dongle, so it’ll work with two different machines if you’re using those specific connections, with switches built into the F5, F6, and F7 keys. The Layout packs a touchpad, dedicated volume wheel, and built-in thumbstick, the better to use for couch-based gaming on your game console or home theater PC. One USB dongle and two Bluetooth function buttons mean it works with up to three devices at once.

The Best Multi-Device Keyboard for Gamers

Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard - Bluetooth and USB - Works w/ PC, Smart TV, Streaming Box - Backlit LED

Corsair's media keyboard includes a built-in thumbstick, plus wireless USB and Bluetooth connections.

The Best Multi-Device Mouse for Gamers: Logitech G603

The Logitech G603 mouse from the side.

I’m a bit biased because I have something of a love affair with this mouse. But in addition to being a super-comfy “shooter” mouse that’s practically unkillable in terms of battery life, the G603 also works with either USB or Bluetooth, with a quick swapping option via a button underneath. Note that, although this is a Logitech mouse, it doesn’t work with the company’s Unifying USB receiver or FLOW: it has its own dedicated low-latency wireless dongle, and programmed key bindings don’t work over Bluetooth.

The Best Multi-Device Mouse for Gamers

Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO 12K Sensor, 12,000 DPI, Lightweight, 6 Programmable Buttons, 500h Battery Life, On-Board Memory, PC/Mac - Black

Logitech's G603 is fantastic in general, but one of its tricks is working with both a USB and Bluetooth connection.

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