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Wyze Smart Home Starter Pack Includes 8 Items For $99, Today Only

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Wyze has launched a Smart Home Starter Pack that comes with one regular camera, three smart bulbs, two smart plugs, one sensor kit, and an SD card for $109—$99 when you add a $10 gift card to your cart.

The starter kit’s price doesn’t necessarily position it to be a “deal” as much as the kit is meant to be a convenience for people who would rather not buy everything separately. That said, there is some money to be saved here depending on how you purchase the items.

There are a lot of moving parts involved with this “deal.” For starters, the $109 starter kit becomes $99 when you add a $10 Wyze Day Gift Card to your cart—the discount is applied during checkout. Then the shipping costs $2.99 but the company is offering free shipping today on purchases over $25 with the promo code WYZEDAY2019. All told, after taxes and both discounts are applied, the starter kit costs $106.23 for us to order.

As some folks around the web have noticed, you can technically add all the separate items to your cart on Wyze.com and they only cost around $90. However, purchasing the items separately costs $20 to ship from Wyze, and again, the Smart Home Starter Pack ships for $2.99. But because Wyze is offering free shipping today, if you’re willing to add all the items to your cart separately, you can get the total price down to around $96 shipped.

When that free shipping promotion ends, the starter kit will be a better deal, especially while Wyze is handing out a free $10 gift card with the kit. And if you think you can just order everything individually from Amazon and get free shipping from them for less cash, the items are priced higher there by about the same amount that Wyze charges for shipping.

Wyze Smart Home Starter Pack

Wyze already sells its stuff at stiff prices so we aren’t too surprised that the kit doesn’t save you much money. It would be difficult for Wyze to go any cheaper when you can’t find a better plug, bulb, or camera at the prices the company has already set.

It may also be worth noting that this convenience bundle wasn’t necessarily supposed to be the star of this year’s “Wyze Day,” a day when Wyze celebrates the launch of the company by announcing new products, promotions, and so on.

This Wyze Day makes two years for the company and it was planning to reveal a new product, but that didn’t work, according to a Wyze post on Facebook. It’s unclear what that unannounced product is, though the company has many devices in development, including a doorbell, an outdoor camera, a scale, a smart thermostat, color bulbs, more bulb sizes, and a door lock.

Source: Wyze

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