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The 5 Best Under-Sink Organizers for Your Horrifying Sink Cabinet

A photo of some unusually clean under-sink cabinets.

Under-sink cabinets are a hotbed for chaos, lost cleaning products, and spills that you don’t remember happening. But you can tame the disorder of your under-sink cabinet with the help of an organizer.

What to Look for in an Under-Sink Organizer

So the space under your sink is dismally unorganized, and you want to throw something down there to keep things tidy. But it’s not as simple as it should be. Everybody’s under-sink cabinet has its quirks, from its physical size to the shape of the unavoidable PVC pipes. You have to find an under-sink organizer that can accommodate those quirks and whatever cleaning needs you have.

Here are a few things to look out for in an under-sink organizer:

  • Size: Don’t buy an organizer that’s too big for your under-sink cabinet. But if you happen to have a lot of room down there, consider purchasing a few stackable organizers to make the most use of your space.
  • Pipe-Friendliness: That PVC pipe under your sink can hog up a lot of space. Make sure that whatever under-sink organizer you buy will actually fit in with your sink’s drainage.
  • Drawers: Drawers aren’t an under-sink organizer necessity, but they’re nice if you have a bunch of small things (like cleaning tablets or sponges) under your sink.
  • Access: Does your under-sink organizer make things easier to reach? If the biggest issue that you have with your under-sink cabinet is accessibility, then consider getting an under-sink caddy or an organizer that hangs over the cabinet door.

Now that you know what you’re looking for let’s get into it. Here are the best under-sink organizers for your messy under-sink cabinet.

Best Overall: Simple Houseware Expandable Shelf

The Simple Houseware 2-tier adjustable shelf.
Simple Houseware

If you’re trying to make the most of your under-sink cabinet, then we suggest using the Simple Houseware organizer. It’s an adjustable two-shelf system that leaves enough space for your sink’s drainage pipe to poke through. And while you can’t see it in the photo, the organizer’s bottom shelf can be raised if you need some extra space.

At its smallest, this organizer is 15-inches long, 11.25-inches wide, and 15-inches tall. You can extend it to be 25-inches long, but it doesn’t come with extra shelves to take up that extra space.

Best Overall

Simple Houseware Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Heavy Duty Metal Shelf Organizer Rack, Silver (Expand from 15 to 25 inches)

The Simple Houseware organizer is perfect for taking full advantage of your under-sink cabinet. It's one of the few organizers that actually leaves space for your sink's drainage.

Best Single-Tier: Simple Trending Stackable Organizer

The Simple Trending organizer.
Simple Trending

Organizers with built-in drawers are great for holding small items, like boxes of cleaning tablets, small bottles, or sponges. The Simple Trending stackable single-tier organizer is a great option for anyone who wants to wrangle the loose items under their sink. It’s relatively small and stackable, so it’s perfect for most under-sink cabinets.

This Simple Trending organizer is 16-inches long, 10-inches wide, and 10-inches tall. A typical spray bottle is also about 10-inches tall, so keep that in mind if you have an unusually short under-sink cabinet.

Best Single-Drawer

Simple Trending Under Sink Cabinet Organizer with Sliding Storage Drawer, Desktop Organizer for Kitchen Bathroom Office, Stackable, Chrome

The Simple Trending single-drawer organizer is perfect for wrangling up all of the loose items under your sink.

Best Double-Drawer: Simple Houseware Stackable Organizer

The Simple Houseware stackable 2-tier organizer.
Simple Houseware

The Simple Houseware stackable 2-tier organizer is a solid option for anyone who needs a lot of drawer space in their under-sink cabinet. It has a small drawer for things like rubber gloves or sponges and a larger drawer for large bottles that you don’t often use, like soap refills. It’s also stackable, which is nice if you happen to have a 24-inch tall sink cabinet.

This organizer is pretty large. It’s 16.75-inches long, 11-inches wide, and 12-inches tall. For reference, a typical spray bottle is about 10-inches tall. Keep that in mind if you have a short under-sink cabinet.

Best Double-Drawer

Simple Houseware Stackable 2 Tier Sliding Basket Organizer Drawer, Silver

The Simple Houseware double-drawer organizer is a great option for anyone who needs a bit of extra drawer space under their sink.

Best Caddy: Polder Under-Sink Cleaning Caddy

The Polder under-sink cleaning supplies caddy.

If you’re just looking for easier access to your cleaning supplies, then consider buying a Polder under-sink cleaning supplies caddy. This is a super simple little caddy that can hold all of your everyday cleaning supplies, from your Lysol to your Windex. It’s made out of a durable plastic that’s easy to clean, and it even has a couple of crossbars to hold your spray bottles.

This caddy is surprisingly large. It’s 17-inches long, 10 inches wide, and 16-inches tall. That makes it great for carrying cleaning supplies, but inconvenient for some small under-sink cabinets (especially if you’re buying other organizers).

Best Caddy

Polder Organizer/Storage Caddy (Under Sink Caddy)

If you're tired of digging around your under-sink cabinet for cleaning supplies, it's time to make things easier with a simple caddy.

Best Hanging Option: iDesign Over-Cabinet Organizer

The iDesign Over-Cabinet Organizer.

Sometimes a basic under-sink organizer doesn’t cut it. If you’re still having trouble reaching the daily essentials, consider using an iDesign over-cabinet organizer. It’s a two-tier shelf that hangs on the inside of your under-sink cabinet door so you can quickly reach brushes, sponges, soaps, or any of your everyday cleaning supplies.

This hanging organizer should fit in any under-sink cabinet. But, for the sake of consistency, know that its 16.2-inches tall, it has an 11-inch wingspan, and its baskets stick out 5-inches.

Best Hanging Option

iDesign Axis Over the Cabinet 2-Tier Kitchen Storage Basket Organizer for Aluminum Foil, Sandwich Bags, Cleaning Supplies, Garbage Bags, Bath Supplies, Chrome

The iDesign over-cabinet organizer is a great option for anyone who needs to reach the essentials quickly. It's small, cheap, and it'll fit under any sink.

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