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This Card-Based Google Home Jukebox Gives Way Too Much Power To Your Party Guests


Sure, your voice assistant can play just about any music you can ask for, but there’s a tactile pleasure of using a jukebox to browse for music and pick what you want to play. One guy decided to get that feeling back with an array of RFID-enabled cards that you can use to play albums.

YouTube user hoveeman printed a collection of cards depicting his favorite albums–ranging from Adele and N*Sync to the soundtracks to The Greatest Showman and Trolls–with each card containing an RFID chip. Tap the card on the side of the table and an RFID reader will scan it and send a command to his Google Home system and start playing music through all the connected speakers (including his soundbar on the TV).

You can see it in action in the video above and it looks excellent. Instead of trying to remember exactly which album you want to hear, hoveeman’s system lets you browse for something you feel like listening to. It feels a bit like a jukebox, with a modern twist. Of course it’s worth pointing out that while Google Home can restrict access to only recognized voices, anyone can use these RFID cards. So if you want to try this system for yourself (you can check out the GitHub project here if you’re feeling adventurous), just be sure you don’t include any music cards that you don’t want your party guests blasting throughout the house on a whim.

Source: YouTube via Android Police

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