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USPS Is About to Get A Lot More Efficient Thanks to NVIDIA

Nvidia-Powered Package Processing Illustration

Your packages might start showing up faster from the United States Postal Service (USPS) thanks to the implementation of NVIDIA artificial intelligence and high-speed servers that are being used to process package data more accurately and 10 times faster.

The USPS processes and delivers 146 billion pieces of mail every year (485 million pieces of mail every day)—a large portion of which is packages. This feat requires a sophisticated network of technology to pull off and now the Postal Service has teamed up with NVIDIA to tackle this logistical nightmare.

Using servers that are equipped with NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs, the companies are developing deep learning software to train several artificial intelligence algorithms that can then be deployed on NVIDIA EGX edge computing platforms near 200 Postal Service facilities throughout the US.

According to NVIDIA’s announcement, this new AI-powered system can process package data 10 times quicker and with higher accuracy than previous systems being used to accomplish the same tasks.

Engineers from the Postal Service and NVIDIA have been collaborating for months now to develop the AI models that will make all the magic happen. Although the new system will be tested this year, it’s expected to be fully operational by next spring.

What isn’t so clear is whether the upgrade at those 200 Postal Service facilities will benefit the entire network as a whole, or if the AI-based speed boost will initially be limited to certain areas in the US.

Source: NVIDIA via Engadget

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