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20 Under $20: Great Gifts You Probably Didn’t Think Of

A group of friends exchanging gifts.
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You don’t have to blow your savings on a good gift. In fact, you can buy a genuinely practical gift for just under $20. Here are 20 of our favorite affordable gifts, with enough variety for any giftee.

A Custom Coffee Mug

The Hat Shark customized mug.
Hat Shark

Coffee mugs are incredibly personal items, especially when they’re printed with custom photos and messages. It turns out that you can print a custom mug through Amazon for just under $20. Just upload a fun picture, type some snarky text, and that’s that, you’re the best gift-giver on the planet.

A Personalized Treasure

A RAVPower Portable Power Bank

The RAVPower 10,000mAh portable battery.

Power banks are a great go-to cheap gift. But you don’t have to buy one of those crappy power banks that’s shaped like a tube of lipstick. The RAVPower 10,000mAh portable battery is an impressive, affordable power bank with two USB ports. It features a 12-watt charging speed, which is pretty nice for this price, and it’s small enough to fit in a bag or a backpack.

A Shiny Safety Razor

The WEISHI safety razor.

Safety razors are great for close shaves. They’re stylish, classy, they last forever, and they’re technically cheaper than multi-blade razors (because generic double-sided blades are dirt cheap).

The Weishi safety razor is a durable piece of metal with a neat design and an easy-to-use butterfly opening mechanism. It’s a good cheap gift that could get some actual use for years.

A Cheap, Durable Safety Razor

WEISHI Safety Razor Double Edge Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Razor

The Weishi safety razor is super affordable and features an attractive and easy to use design.

A Yootech Wireless Charger

The YOOTECH wireless charger.

“Wireless chargers are like, super expensive, right?” That’s what your giftee will think when they unwrap the Yootech wireless charger. It’s a super affordable, super-thin Qi-Certified wireless charger that pumps out 10-watts of charging power. In other words, it’s a steal. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a power brick (but it does come with two USB cables).

An Affordable, High-Quality Charger

More CARTMAN Tools Than You’d Expect for Under $20

The CARTMAN 39-piece tool set.

Tools are the penultimate “I didn’t know what to get you” gift. They come in nice boxes, they’re nice to have around, and you can never have enough of them. If you’re going to buy a toolset as a gift, then you might as well get the CARTMAN 39-piece set. It’s got a little bit of everything (hammer, drivers, a box cutter), it’s super cheap, and it comes with a nice little box.

More Tools Than You'd Expect

Cartman 39 Piece Tool Set General Household Hand Kit with Plastic Toolbox Storage Case Orange

Wait, a 39-piece toolset for less than an Andrew Jackson? That's one of the best gifts I've ever seen.

A Potential Murder Weapon

The TK TAKEFLIGHT tactical self defense pen.

The TF TAKEFLIGHT tactical self-defense pen is like something out of a James Bond movie. It’s a survival multi-tool (and a writing utensil) with a built-in glass breaker, an aircraft-grade aluminum body, and a replaceable ink cart. The blunt glass breaker is, presumably, the part of this pen that you use as a self-defense tool.

Jokes aside, this is a well-built pen that’s easy to use even if you’re wearing gloves. It’d make a great gift for anyone who does handiwork or likes to play dress up.

A Potential Murder Weapon

The GreenPan Ceramic Frying Pan

The GREEPAN ceramic frying pan.

Ceramic frying pans look and feel super fancy. They’re usually pretty expensive, but you can buy a 7-inch GreenPan ceramic frying pan for just under $20. It’s a solid, inexpensive gift that’ll actually get some real use.

Fancy, Affordable Cooking

GreenPan Rio, 7", Black

The GreenPan ceramic frying pan makes for a luxurious, cheap gift that'll actually get some use.

A 24-Pack of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

The FERRERO ROUCHER assorted chocolate box.
Ferrero Rocher

The road to the human heart is paved with food. And it just so happens that chocolate is the best food. So skip the big gifts and aim straight for the heart with a box of 24 fancy Ferrero Rocher chocolates. This particular box of chocolates comes with hazelnut, dark chocolate, and coconut flavors. Hey, you may as well buy one for yourself too.

Everybody Loves Chocolate

Some Fuzzy, Funky Socks

The SK Hat Shop fuzzy socks.
SK Hat Shop

If you want to give your giftee something that they’ll use right away, then consider buying them a 6-pack of fuzzy socks. They’re cute, they’re soft, and they’ll keep your giftee’s feet warm. Really, what else could someone ask for?

Some Fuzzy, Funky Socks

Cozy 6 Pairs Winter Fuzzy Warm Thick Ski Snow Boot Socks, Dark Colors, Size 9.0

Fuzzy socks are a luxury beyond compare. They're cute, they keep feet warm, and they make for cheap gifts.

An Expensive-Looking Kitchen Knife

The Soufull Japanese styled kitchen knife.

Humans are curious things. They like to keep crappy old knives around their house and absolutely refuse to buy anything better. But when they happen to get a knife as a gift, they’re elated. They say, “oh man, I’ve wanted to buy a new knife for the past five years!”

Let’s lean into that. If a regular knife makes for an impressive gift, then just think what a fancy looking knife can do. The Soufull Japanese Gyutou knife looks incredible—it has this wavy pattern on the blade and comes in a nice box, right? Super cool, huh? But it costs less than $15. What an ingenious gift.

An Expensive-Looking Kitchen Knife

Soufull Japanese Chef Knife - 8 Inch High Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Ergonomic Handle Durable Blade Chef's Knives

Kitchen knives make for great gifts, especially when they look expensive but cost less than $20.

Those HotHands Hand Warmers

Two packs of HotHands hand warmers.

As a gift buyer, sometimes you have to settle for the rudiments. HotHands hand warmer packs are essential for the cold months, and a pack of 20 goes for just under $15. In a way, you’re giving somebody the gift of warm hands for almost a month of their life. You should be proud of that.

A Month of Warm Hands

HotHands HH20PRPK16 Hand Warmers - Long Lasting Safe Natural Odorless Air Activated Warmers - Up To 10 Hours Of Heat - 20 Pair Value Pack

HotHands hand warmers make for the perfect cheap gift. They're easy to use, they're extremely cheap, and they're essential during the cold months.

A Set of Exercise Bands

The Fit Simplify resistance bands.
Fit Simplify

Fit Simplify exercise bands are a great little gift for anyone who likes to stay in shape. They’re cheap, small, and each set comes with five bands with different resistance levels. That means your giftee can fit their bands into just about any workout routine, or slowly build their way up to a set of nice, heavy bands.

A Cheap Fitness Gift

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands with Instruction Guide and Carry Bag, Set of 5

Exercise bands are cheap, small, and great for just about any workout routine.

Potentially Life-Threatening Coffee

The Death Wish coffee.
Death Wish Coffee

Coffee drinkers enjoy bombarding their bodies with semi-lethal doses of caffeine. Seeing as the best gifts are made to appeal to someone’s interests, you might as well get your coffee drinking friend a bag of Death Wish ground coffee. It’s a super-strong dark roast with a warning label. Apparently, drinking twice as much caffeine in the morning is dangerous.

A Budget DeWALT Driver Set

The DEWALT driver set.

In the world of gifts, tools are always a safe option. It’s not the most creative gift, but everyone can appreciate a 45-piece DeWALT driver set. If they don’t appreciate it now, then they’ll appreciate it when they have to fix something and just happen to have that super nice driver set you bought them.

45-Pieces for the Cheap

DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set with Tough Case, 45-Piece (DW2166),Grey/Silver Screwdriving Set With Tough Case

Everybody can appreciate a 45-piece driver set, and they'll think you spent a lot more than $15 on it.

Super Fun Non-Toxic Keyboard Cleaning Goo

The SYOSIN keyboard cleaning goo.

Crumbs. Dust. Flakes. Follicles. These are the curs which fester ‘neath your giftee’s keyboard. You can’t tell your giftee to clean their disgusting keyboard, but you can trick them into practicing basic office hygiene with the SYOSIN cleaning goo. It seems like a toy, but its actually a low effort solution to all the crap that accumulates in keyboards. Plus, it costs less than $15.

A Handy Waiter’s Corkscrew

The HICOUP waiter's corkscrew.

You can never have enough corkscrews and bottle openers around the house. So, why not give your friends and family a waiter’s corkscrew. As the name implies, these corkscrews as prized by waitstaff around the world for their ability to open wine bottles and beer bottles. It’s like two gifts for the price of one.

A Corkscrew and a Bottle Opener

Hicoup Wine Opener - Professional Corkscrews for Wine Bottles w/Foil Cutter and Cap Remover - Manual Wine Key for Servers, Waiters, Bartenders and Home Use - Classic Rosewood

You can never have enough bottle openers or corkscrews. Buy your friends a waiter's corkscrew and kill two birds with one stone.

The Classic Aromatherapy Diffuser

The URPOWER aromatherapy diffuser.

Everybody can appreciate an aromatherapy diffuser. They’re pretty, they’re easy to use, and they make rooms smell good. The URPOWER diffuser is by far our favorite budget diffuser, and it just happens to cost under $20.

The great thing about these essential oil diffusers is that they have a limited range. Even if your giftee already has a diffuser, they’ll surely appreciate an extra one for their living room, bedroom, bathroom, or whatever room isn’t already under the spell of a diffuser.

We Love Good Smells!

A Fancy Looking Tea Sampler

The Taylors of Harrogate tea sampler.
Taylors of Harrogate

Some people like tea. Others don’t. But in our experience, a fancy looking tea sampler is one of the most flattering gifts on the planet. Even coffee drinking savages will look at the Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box and say, “oh my god, lemon and orange tea sounds so exotic!”

For Snobs and Savages

Taylors of Harrogate Assorted Specialty Teas Box , 48 count (Pack of 1)

A fancy tea sampler is the fastest way to somebody's heart, whether they're actual tea drinkers or coffee-drinking savages.

Convince Your Giftee to Stop Stealing Forks from Restaurants

The Radley and Stowe 20-piece flatware set.
Radley and Stowe

It’s fair to assume that your giftee already has some silverware in their kitchen, but they wouldn’t mind having 20 more pieces of cutlery, right? After all, nobody likes to buy cutlery, and this Radley and Stowe silverware set looks classy for its price. Hey, you never know, your friend might be coasting on some ethically dubious stolen silverware. This could be their only way out.

Everybody Likes Silverware

A Quaint Throw Blanket

The BOURINA textured throw blanket.

Everybody likes an expensive-looking throw blanket. This BOURINA throw blanket is relatively large (5-feet long), it has pretty tassels, and it prominently features a pattern of geometric weaves. For just under $20, that ain’t too shabby. Plus, the BOURINA blanket comes in just about every color imaginable, so you can get one that matches your giftee’s furniture.

A Quaint Throw Blanket

BOURINA Throw Blanket Textured Solid Soft for Sofa Couch Decorative Knitted Blanket, 50" x 60" Off White

This 5-foot long throw blanket looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. It comes in multiple colors, and it features tassels and a pleasant woven pattern.

BONUS ROUND: A Sexy Jeff Goldblum Sequin Pillowcase

The JASEN Jeff Goldblum reversible sequin pillow.

Do you know Jeff Goldblum, that one guy from the movies? Yeah, well, his face makes for a pretty decent sequin pillowcase. This is a great gift for that friend or family member who already has everything they could ever want. They’ll open your gift and say, “wow, this really touches my Jurassic heart,” or “is this Sylvester Stallone?”

Fly Into Their Heart
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