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Third-Party Nintendo Switch Dock Accidentally Bricks Some Consoles

If you have Nyko’s third-party Switch dock, be wary of the latest 5.0 update to your console. Some users are reporting that the dock is leading to a bricked console.

The Nintendo Switch comes with one dock, but if you need a replacement or a spare, they normally run a pricey $90 extra. That’s enough sticker shock to make anyone turn to Nyko’s unofficial dock alternative, which usually runs around $50. However, with unofficial hardware comes new problems. A few users are reporting that, after updating their console to the latest 5.0 version that Nintendo recently rolled out, their consoles started throwing error messages, before not turning on at all.

Nyko is aware of the issue. Speaking to Kotaku, the company said the following:

“[We are] aware of the issue some Portable Docking Kit owners are facing after updating the firmware on their Nintendo Switch to version 5.0. Though further testing is still required to determine the exact root cause of the problem, we believe it is related to the way the Switch handles AV output for an external TV/monitor while the console is docked on the Portable Docking Kit.”

For Nintendo’s part, the company is  also aware of the problem and is offering to repair any consoles that are under warranty. Unfortunately, if you bought your console when it first came out on March 3rd of last year, your warranty has expired (though it’s still worth calling the company to see if they’ll repair it anyway.) Otherwise, the console is young enough that most users are still covered. Still, if you’re using the Nyko dock—or any third-party dock accessory—it may be worth putting it on the shelf for a little while until Nintendo and the accessory companies can fix this bug.

Source: Kotaku

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